Shelter dogs first Thanksgiving! Dog Needs High Chair To Eat Until 10 months ago   10:15

Rocky Kanaka
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These shelter dogs enjoying their first Barksgiving will warm your heart. Thanksgiving for dogs is probably a lot more like your family Thanksgiving than you might think. Shelter dogs don't get Thanksgiving so I thought I would bring Barksgiving to them. You may have seen us on The Dodo live while at the Marley's Mutts Rescue Ranch and now we bring the dog Thanksgiving Shelter dogs served Thanksgiving (wait until you see their amazing reaction)

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Dogs available for adoption at the time of this video going live:
Mable the Great Dane
Rachel the Pit Bull
Scoots the two legged mutt
Naaji the rescue dog learning to walk

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Jalapeno the golden retriever dog and Cora Rose the jockey commercial dog make a special appearance!

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Rocky Kanaka
Who else is thankful for dogs?! 🦃🐶😃Also I am getting a lot of questions where you can order my Barksgiving meals. Here:
Kimberly Hartge
Naji is so cute i hope Naji get adopted❤❤
Slime and Family
I love barksgiving
Magda Jurgielewicz
Navajo,your an amazing doggo and i hope you heal
Magda Jurgielewicz
I really want to adopt Mable but my mom won't let me! =x=
Jazmine Starkey
Naji is cute
tania turner
Hi I love what you do
Terrance Pearson
I love you naaji
Hi Im gonna feed 20 Homeless dogs but.. I don't know what type of food is safe for them..What do you think I should feed them? Is Gravy and Bread safe for them?
Cynthia Harris
A year later, how is Naaji?
Ally Always
Dogs have the best life with you when you take them on a dogs Day out
Homero Sanchez
I believe in you naaji
Homero Sanchez
Aww that's so cute all the doggies are so cute I love this so much and thank you for all of the food just made to be edible for the dogs 😆😄😍😊
sylvia brown
We love your animal dinners Rocky keep up the good work!!!🤩🥰
Hope for every dog!
He might not be able to work but he will go far
Michaela Roberts
Go Naaji!
Michaela Roberts
😭 I'm not crying! 😭
Michaela Roberts
😻 cute puppys!
Sophia Eak
Hi I love your videos and so does my dog
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Dog Needs High Chair To Eat Until Shelter dogs first Thanksgiving! 10 months ago   11:50

My rescue dogs favorite treats (I make these!):
A MUST SEE True inspirational story of a second chance dog that proves dogs spirits lift us up. Wait until you hear the story of Hooch that had to each from a special chair! Regardless of what this amazing rescue dog has been through he still shows love, courage, kindness and joy! Watch this for the story of Hooch, Zach and Marleys Mutts. Dog Needs High Chair To Eat Until He Surprises Everyone


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