Best Goals of the 2018 World Van Persie DIVING HEADER Challenge 2 weeks ago   05:41

"Most" of the best goals in this year's FIFA World Cup in Russia - recreated in FIFA 18. Some goals I tried my best to at least remake semi-accurately but some goals were lacking so I didn't include them. This video took quite a while to make, so feedback is appreciated!

For example: Nacho's low volley vs. Portugal was excluded

Goals that were included are as follows:

Coutinho vs. Switzerland
Lingard vs. Panama
Suarez vs. Russia
Son vs. Mexico
Kolarov vs. Costa Rica
Modric vs. Argentina
Mertens vs. Panama
Kroos vs. Sweden
Ronaldo vs. Spain
Aspas vs. Morocco
Quaresma vs. Iran
Inui vs. Belgium
Di Maria vs. France
Cavini vs. Portugal
Cheryshev vs. Croatia
Messi vs. Nigeria
Pavard vs. Argentina

Music used in this video: Eunoia - Flames

#2018WorldCup #FIFA18

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Francesco Pirelli7
Welcome back fifizlo
Christian Ier
The song and the commentaries are just sensational !
Sam More
Exactly correct
Android Games
4:44 lol
Mega Cat
Pavard creation was terrible it was in the box when it’s supposed to be out side and it’s all wrong
Lucky Singh
One of the most loving vidio on youtube
Lucky Singh
U are great
Lucky Singh
Stuneed or
Lucky Singh
U made it soooo real bro
Lionel mourad
The hardest one to make is messi 's goal
Abraham Nelson
Good video. Loved it
Good job mate
Bishal chakraborty
How to download in this game
Santi 2007
El de Pavard y el de Messi salieron re mal: la de Messi falló el control no la controlaste como lo hizo Messi y la de Pavard le pega con el pie casi en la cabeza y Armani se quedó quieto, en cambio, la de Pavard le pega con el pie más alejado y Armani se tiro y es más, casi la ataja
Mathis Wurtz
second poteau pavard
Pavards Goal?
Gael Padra
Fifa better than fortnite
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Van Persie DIVING HEADER Challenge Best Goals of the 2018 World 2 weeks ago   17:37

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