Reactions to Trump's State of the Union Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon 1 day ago   04:27

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Wednesday, February 6.

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Reactions to Trump's State of the Union Address


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The Bestiny
When trumps speech is so good the only thing to make fun of is it’s duration and his word count.
lol 'uuuuhh am I good looking guyyysss?'
Matt King
Jimmy, you have worn blackface before, too.
John Torres
Wow what a piece of shit this guy reduced to. I remember when he was funny, is sad how Hollywood reduced to satisfying these liberal DEMON👹CRATS and there evil agenda
J da high roller
The funny thing about that last joke about Nancy Pelosi if she does have the money and the power to actually do that! I wouldn't be surprised that it would be after 5 or 10 years just as a backlash against all his hate
Priscilla Jimenez
This episode was sonsored by Olive Garden.
Priscilla Jimenez
Melissa McCarthy get on SNL again for this lol
abhishek kshirsagar
trump 2020
Jimmy was a fun clown to laugh at on SNL. Why he thinks he can debate politics is a mystery to me. He only plays the political side that wins favor in the media to further his bank account. Jimmy Fallon is a piece of shit. I'll never watch his show again. Weak ass clown jester. Anyone who watches him and forms an opinion about politics is a fool.. Fuck you, Jimmy! You have sacrificed your fan base by running with liberals and democrats. If Republicans were the ones favored by the media, there you'd be, supporting that. There you'd be, being a fake and a phony piece of shit. You don't stand for anything. You are an okay comedian who thinks America gives a shit about your political stance. We don't Jimmy. We cared about you doing comedy. Not so much anymore. Hey, celebrities! Hello! Stay the fuck out of politics. You are all too spoiled to be in it. The only celebrity of note, that was worthy of politics was Ronald Reagan. He was truly a good celebrity, politician, and real man.
Joe G
Thanks jimmy I really appreciate the unbiased news you put out in the world it’s refreshing
uma sarkar
From India..huge fan
David Hansen
The most powerful moment of the night was when he praised congress for the having the most elected women of all time and all the women in white unanimously stood up and cheered for themselves.
Trump lives in your head
Jimmy blackface Fallon
Bobby Drives
A beta jealous of our alpha President
Natalie Kendel
super funny bit
Robert Fredrickson
The problem with this generation is that this is where they get their news and opinions..
Xander Lowe
82 minutes. But to be fair, 56 minutes was applause and Trump looking around the room proudly.
Kewtr Post
Didn't Trump's family home just sell a year or so ago?
Probably built on a cemetery or former grounds of a mental institution.
Mister Magnus
Great speech. There's a reaction for ya Jimmy, or is it Kimmel? Can't tell the difference anymore.
Evangelista Juan Rivera Talavera
Trump is Dick. 🙌🙌😝
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Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Reactions to Trump's State of the Union 1 day ago   08:51

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