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Last Subscriber To Score 1V1 Wins | Viral Football Vol. 2 - Incredible! - At Up-Tube.com

Last Subscriber To Score 1v1 Wins VIRAL Football vol. 2 - INCREDIBLE! 5 months ago   10:22

Daniel Cutting
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Daniel Cutting
This was a lot of fun! 😊😊😊 Make sure you watch the WHOLE video! Some of the kids are hilarious! 😂
Peter Ellingham
Sick vid
They kids love Daniel, everyone loves Daniel subscribe on my channel for more, thanks.
Lwandle Debedu
The Tottenham guy is my man
I'm pretty sure u have more subs than them
Dawson Emberly
No sticking back there I see your new year to you too are playing soccer nice job keep it up keep making a channel I’ll keep subscribing of you know videos and I’ll Conza stuff you keep your name for me it’s Dawson Dawson Austin is on your subscribers
Dawson Emberly
16 years old and I’m 16
Dawson Emberly
I’ll play soccer what do you want to do do you want to play with me I want your subscribers
im a kawaii unicorn s
Um I don't mean to be mean but y is it always boys
BlueberryYT2 Smith
Hi dan can I be in one of your vids I've been a subscriber since u have started
Tyler Blade
I bet they all have unsubscribed except oli
Sub to dlm9gaming
Lola Smith
A bit sexist where r the girls in this vid?
Logan Glithro
The goalkeeper went from David dea Gea to karius 😂😂
Love all of your vids I’m terrible at football
Carrie Dineen
Nobody subscribes to Daniel cutting and don't like
red pepper
Who saw the orange justice in the background
RepZ GunNeR
Are you shore in the thumbnail it should be last to miss wins
NpC Siris
Jacob Weller
you should come to Canada and challenge me to football challenges!!
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VIRAL Football vol. 2 - INCREDIBLE! Last Subscriber To Score 1v1 Wins 5 months ago   04:55

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