The Things You Hear In Springfield, Illinois Ghetto's of Rockford Illinois 💥🔫 1 day ago   02:12

Just a day in the life of Springfield, IL

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Melissa Miller
lol the cubs won and there is a chick fil a now
Stacy M brought up the "Clear Lake/Madison/Jefferson/97" mess ...
but how about *Bruns Lane becomes Chatham Road/ Cook become Lawrence Street* fiasco?!? But here's the Goofiest for me (as a Kid) ...Monroe is a Clear *4 Blocks NORTH of Lawrence at 11th Street* and a *Mile SOUTH of Lawrence at Veteran's Parkway* it took me until I was 12 to figure that out!
This was *Awesome*
Lol took a trip there last week from Tennessee. We had a blast. The drivers for sure are a trip. They fly downtown. Found found our way around easy with the gps. Oak Ridge was awesome. The Lincoln Museum was great. I could have stayed a couple of more days to see some other things but we didn’t get the time. I liked Springfield. Everyone we met was very nice and they loved our Tennessee accents 🤣🤣
Dezeri Smith
Even Abraham Lincoln was happy to leave Springfield and he was born there..
R May
Its spelled DEFIBRILLATOR. Irony that you are making fun of pronunciations and you misspell a simple word.
The Leo Wolf
Ayyy my city! This is all very true though😂
Ronda Estell
I live in Springfield
Oh Look A Bird
I live here and this really is true lol
Fred Squires
I live here its not bad but the taxes can kill a normal person i run a business in springfield il. Once they get in your pocket its all over. so if you want to open a businesses in springfield il you better think twice
The Vloging Kib Gg
I live hear fucker
Martin Kent
Many of the parents in Springfield ignore traffic laws with their kids. Many of these parents are civil servants or politicians. Youth in Illinois deserve to see law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants and politicians. Their future depends upon it. What do you think? Should youth see law-abiding adults or freewheeling lawless adults? Should they see lawless, freewheeling streets or law-abiding streets? In the capital of Illinois, the expectation is that Governor Blagojevich was the last freewheeling, lawless politician. The fact is, this monster heavily compromised the confidence that youth placed, on the capable hands of Illinois's adults. Springfield and Cook County need a healthy conscience, to satisfy the future of Illinois's youth. Imagine, law-abiding civil servants and politicians in Springfield and Cook County! Imagine!!!
Rob Sheehan
Re: 44 seconds.... We definitely saw!
David Davis
Chic filet is garbage
"are we ever getting a chick fil a? we got one now
Stacy M
Hah! My boyfriend and I were just talking *today* about how out-of-towners probably think the city planners were drunk when they came up with the whole "Clear Lake/Madison/Jefferson/97" mess.

Even better, about two weeks ago when texting directions to a friend who was coming into town, I had to explain to him why no, an address on "North Grand Avenue West" was not a typo. "There are three streets with "Grand" in the name: North Grand is farthest north, South Grand is more central, and Grand is farthest South. And all three of them run east and west"

His response: "You're sh****n' me.... are you trying to get me lost?"

I swear, this town is *murder* for giving directions to non-natives!
Diane Stout
Hope nobody thinks any of this video is funny, cause its really not. lolol
I visited Springfield once, never going back
isnt there a chik fil a in white oaks mall?
Susan Palyo
Perfect!!  I have lived away from Springfield for 28 years, but I can always count on it being the same when I go back for a visit.  LOL..
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Ghetto's of Rockford Illinois 💥🔫 The Things You Hear In Springfield, Illinois 1 day ago   13:29

Me and skg drive thru an undesireable parts of rockford illinois. Her channel link is below