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Moscow has been given the thumbs down in an annual report by a tourism website. The report for the Trip Advisor website claims it is expensive and unfriendly, as well as lacking in good hotels and shops. Al Jazeera's Rory Challands reports from Moscow.

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Fake!!! I’ve been to Russia twice and always want to go back. It is cheap and people are very friendly. The only downside is that you need a tourist visa if requires $300 dlls for three years.
Xavier Smith
How is Russia being attacked for their letters, but they also boast about Tokyo, which also has incomprehensible letters?
Vlad Dracula
News is as dumb as Arabs. Get some donkey, stop jerking
ichigo alexi
This has to be one of the most biased, pathetic propaganda segment in media history since inception.
Gospodin Jean
As if AlJazeera was notorious for its reliability.
MayLee Tan
Nowadays, use high tech device. Buy a language translator. It is so useful
Darth Septimus
Wasnt Al Jazeera a terrorist media outlet? Stop spreading fake news and furthering the US propaganda machine!
Fake news
Dobri Genchev
Good proportion like/dislike
Mariaejazsony Maria ejaz sony
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Tycoon Tchung
Why are (毛子)Russian so unfriendly to Chinese tourists? So I tell you, Chinese, don't go there for tour!
COco Yo yo
Complete Bias...
Micah Lee
Haha Russia is USA jealous little sister hahaha
Inanna Oh Na Na
I wanted to go to russia but I don't have enough money yet
Mirza Danish
beautiful city i like so much and my whatsapp number 00923055847510
0:32 what an idiot, you can across the road by just take the underground.
Elvijs Volbergs
Russian characters are not a problem at all! Cyrillic letters are mostly pronounced the same as latin letters except some few ones, which are very easy to remember. Just make a small table and the next day you will learn it.
Danya und Yeetus
Fake news...
Al Jazeera gives Moscow 2/5 stars in 'places they should blow themselves up in next'
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Best of Moscow Aerial FPV flights/ Expensive and unfriendly: welcome to Moscow 4 months ago   08:02

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