NYC GUIDE | WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN: Your Is CityPASS a SCAM or worth it?! 1 day ago   12:26

Sarah Funk
New: "NYC GUIDE | CHINATOWN: Your PERFECT One-Day Itinerary" --~--
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If you’re looking for the coolest things to do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn then you’re watching the right video! Today I’m going to guide you through what the perfect day looks like there. We are going to the best restaurants, bars, shops, experiences, and entertainment! You'll also learn the things you need to know; such as where is Williamsburg, how to get there, cost, culture, history, and safety.

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Ekaterina S
Is the Seated App down? I tried to download?
Jim Fromearth
I didn’t see many restaurants the dishes. Any bakeries or other types of small shops?🤔
Ricardo Parker
Born and raised! Broke my heart to leave! Remember the Commodore on Broadway! Listening to Marcy Me! Long live BROOKLYN!
paco ramon
Who is going to spend 3000$ in an appartment.
Yet another great video I’ll be checking out freehold for sure.
Jerry Hernandez
Sarah, sorry honey but the Bedford Ave. area isn't all of Williamsburg. You mentioned the Puerto Rican area, sorry but it consist of all other Latinos too. Please do a complete video with all of the real Williamsburg and not just the touristy area of Bedford Ave and Domino Park. Please let me know if you'd like me to show you around.
Mike Sosa
Thank you Sarah. Grew up in WB in the 50s and 60s. Loved it then. Love it now. Will always love it. Missed it when I was away. Hence why I live a little more than an hour away. Our favorite pastime back then was watching the gangs rumble or the guys doo wopping the in the corners. Not that I am a Vegan in any way but there is a now very famous vegan restaurant in the block I grew up. I have been there with my daughter and met Europeans visiting NYC come over to WB to eat at this restaurant at 197 Meserole St. The Irony is that I cannot afford to live in the hood I grew up. Thank you so much Sarah and good luck in all your endevours.
Annie K. Elle
World Travel Rafhat
Thank you 🙏
Stace D
Williamsburg is great for hanging out, shopping, eating, catching a concert.... Shame that it has gotten so unaffordable to live there. When I see the fancy new generic apartment buildings popping up, it so disheartening. The people who make the neighborhood hip, are the very ones that can't afford it
Richard Turner
Hi, Sarah Funk! I think you're pretty and your high forehead indicates high intelligence. I gave you a like 👍 and subscribed.
Lulu Manchas
Love it, thank you!
Ralph Flick
Williamsburg sucks nothing but junkies here
I live in Williamsburg n this vid isn't good smh
This vid isn't that accurate..... So there's no black people in Williamsburg huh lmfaoo sorry lady but smh
Miguel Barrientos
I’m sorry for automatically assuming this was going to be a bad video about Williamsburg by the thumbnail. But great job, Sahara! You were honest about what kind of people live there and you gave EXCELLENT information about the neighborhood. New subscriber 👌🏽
lady leo
Lol I was born and raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I remember when Williamsburg was bad.
Jada Miranda
New York is very fun to live in but also very expensive when I was younger I grew up in the projects and it was very cheap but now I live on the bushwick line and the rent is really expensive just like Williamsburg
Born and raised in los Aires Williamsburg Puerto Rican’s aren’t the only Spanish people , there is ALOT of Dominicans in Williamsburg
Sonia Sanchez
I walk the bridge every day to go to work! Such an amazing feeling 🙏
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Is CityPASS a SCAM or worth it?! NYC GUIDE | WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN: Your 1 day ago   12:56

New: "NYC GUIDE | CHINATOWN: Your PERFECT One-Day Itinerary" --~--
Visiting NYC on a budget and wondering which discount pass to get? One of the most asked questions I get is "Should I use the CityPASS?" In this video I tell you if it is a scam or not, plus I share the discount pass I love the most.

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