A Diver Filmed Shocking Footage A Plastic Wave - A documentary film 1 day ago   03:20

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Shocking footage has emerged showing a Bali ocean containing tonnes of plastic waste, showing the damage that humans are doing to the world's ocean. 

British Diver Rich Horner captured the images while diving at Manta Point, which is located around 20km away from Bali, Indonesia.

Cups, wrappers and bags can be seen everywhere, all while tropical fish swim around in the waste. Horner said that the ocean current carried the "lovely gift" to the area.

8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean each year, and Indonesia is the world's second largest contributors to plastic pollution; producing 130,000 tonnes of plastic waste a day. 

The country is making efforts to clean up the area, but plastic pollution is becoming an increasing problem to tackle. 

Hopefully scenes like this will open people's eyes to the worldwide issue. 


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Mick Kilderry
Perhaps any aid money from other countries to Indonesia should substituted with reclaiming/recycling resources-instead of it being spent on their military resources.
Big Chuaskul
So sad
Nguyễn Quỳnh Thủy Trúc
It's autumn now and Japan is one of the most beautiful places to visit in this season. If we want our country to have those spectacular views every autumn, we must stop throwing plastic waste on the ground, on mable leaves. By using Origami and Momiji, special arts of paper folding invented by Japanese, our group at school is trying to convey a message to everybody to save the Earth and make our autumn as beautiful as Japan's "Please let the ground full of Maple leaves instead of plastic waste"
Plz support us here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=177510233298312&set=a.177510253298310&type=3&theater
Iverson James Ayala
Welcome to Bali
Aiden Seabrook
I'm looking at this and all I'm thinking is... is he not getting stung by jellyfish
Diispy F
I’m never using plastic again
How has ocean life incorporated plastic into its lifestyle?
Cozmic Python YT
Ik thats its not his rubbish in the ocean. But whilst he is there he could of picked up some of it
Alain Hospenthal
Wenn es nach mir ginge müssten all diese Schönredner von Dow Chemicals, BASF und aller Verarbeiter alles aufräumen gehen, sie haben Produkte lanciert und sich einen Dreck darum geschert wie es am Ende der Kette aussieht!
So hungry when i see this
Liya 268
Now they do a cleanup and That beach is one of the. Most cleanest beach i have gone there wasn't any speck of trash anywhere now
goran ferenzia
Ignorant 3rd worlders...their the ones destroying their own paradise....
Touhidul Islam Shaan
LOL Bangladesh is a polluted country but we won't pollute the longest sea beach ,Cox's bazar in Bangladesh. I know the people in Indonesia they behaved like a shit.
Gummi Bear
If We Start Cleaning, Everyone Will Do The Same So Lets Work Together...."SAVE EARTH TOGETHER"
Shame ,,,,,,
Ah, all the soultions offered...sadly as the population continues to grow, so will the pollution. The problem isn't where it's coming from...its coming from everyone
Valerie Olivas
Some people just don’t care bc they know other people will do the job for them.
Di Horse
the garbage was coming ship loads from US, Canada and Australia. See the stories on China, Philippines n Malaysia sending back trash to these countries.
Zac Dior
Damn this makes me sick. 🤢
We should be ashamed.
This was last year! I am so happy to say that now Bali is stopping the usage of plastic! If you go to Bali plastic is banned there 💖
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A Plastic Wave - A documentary film A Diver Filmed Shocking Footage 1 day ago   24:38

A surf photographer, business owner and father of two is seeing more and more plastic wash ashore his beloved home beach. In a bid to discover the route of this problem he embarks on a journey of discovery to educate himself and understand more about the problem. Along the way, he discovers some alarming issues.

Plastic Pollution is a very real threat to the future of our planet, the animals that inhabit our oceans and ultimately the human race. The problem is far worse than it seems on the surface and we need to act now to ensure we protect the future for ourselves and our planet.

If you would like to learn more about the devastating impact of plastic please visit...

Surfers Against Sewage - https://www.sas.org.uk/our-work/plastic-pollution/


Green Peace - https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/what-we-do/oceans/plastics/

Together we can make a real difference!!!

I hope you enjoyed the film and we thank you for watching.

The Plastic Wave Team!!!

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