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How To Make The Simplest Electric Car - Homemade | How To Make A Pvc Remote Control Car - At Up-Tube.com

How to make the simplest electric car - homemade How To Make a PVC Remote control Car 1 day ago   02:40

how to make the simplest mini electric car - homemade car
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in this video i'm gonna show you how to make the simplest electric mini car powered by a single 9V battery

it's very simple and you can make it by yourself just follow the instructions and have fun.

music : Cheating Juarez - John Deley and the 41 Players

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How To Make a PVC Remote control Car How to make the simplest electric car - homemade 1 day ago   03:19

Learn - How To Make Your OWN - Powered Remote Control Car
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To make Paper Space Shuttle rocket, I have used one A4 sheet, Scissor and Glue to stick.
It’s simple to do paper cutting Airplanes once you get the hold of it. All it is done by cutting the paper in a way that looks like a Paper Airplane and sticking the engines made from paper using Glue. Also note this paper airplane is just a model and it won’t fly.

It has took some time for me to learn how to make paper Airplane model in a different way, so once you do couple of paper cutting aero planes you will be able to do very easily.

Also when kids are following this video, make sure elder accompany them, so that they safely handle the scissors while making this Origami plane.
You would also like the below playlist of Airplanes/Aeroplanes made using Paper.

Check this link for Playlist of Paper folding Airplanes that can fly. Some can fly long distance and some can fly shorter distance.

This playlist is my other create way of make Sun Board sheet Airplanes, which can be kept in Showcase and it is durable also.

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