Fight against fuel theft Germany’s poor pensioners | DW Documentary 2 months ago   02:01

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Fuel theft is a major economic problem in Mexico - not to mention the violent gang fighting. The country's new President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has vowed to solve the problem. But his first step in fighting back is creating a whole new mess for the country.

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That is for refused to pay the wall. Now you guys in Mexico are crisis and hit the ground soon.

It’s not our problem
Ling Xiaoyu Sierrra
That's an easy fix! Just eat more beans!!! Then there be plenty of gas!!! 😂
Mario Iván Matus González
we have president not manager of UNITED STATES. HE's one of the greatest president ever in Mexico
jay long
Cartels are Diversified
Franco Lopez
Viva Mexico!
Franco Lopez
Si alguien a venido a estados unidos se debe haver dado cuenta de que los gringos no hacen nada, no trabajan solo se la llevan en los restaurantes comiendo. Y en los bares junto con los africanos que los traen de sus guaruras y junto con los salvadoreños y guatemaltecos. Escuchen a ricardo argona y las cosas que canta y aun asi le regalamos dinero.
Franco Lopez
La unica verdad es que los Gringos estan robando la gasolina. Comandados con su madre la honorable Reina IsaBel la segunda.
Very sad for the burnt people at the ruptured exploded pipeline. RIP. Please solve this problem right now.
D'jango Chango
You don't make a cess pool look and smell clean in a few weeks. This is an honest man and really, he should have plenty of bodyguards and even body doubles, because these cartels are very strong. Look at our own government; the Clintons, Obama, the Mafia Unions and all our corrupts leaders in the Congress and yet we want to see Mexico squeaky clean. No nation has achieved this because the "love of money" is the root of all evil, as Jesus said.
AMLO's ' War against Corruption ' is as fake as a three dollars bill.
The criminal group of mercenaries " Los Zetas Huachiculeros " work for AMLO's leftist government.
Mario Hermoso
You better comply with the drug cartels or you end up with your head detached from your body. Lopez Obrador should know that. He is the BIG BOSS.
Jesus Walks
The man at 0:20 kinda reminds me of Lil Jon
GERBO The Gerbil
Mexico is starting to look like Norway and Sweden
juan Orrante
I though the newPres was gona make things beter things are looking actualy worse for mexico
Bruno Yakin
Only 8 states are experiencing this out of the 32!!
Martin Rocha
Finely is a good president for Mexico AMLO is great.
Camilo Milfuegos
Mejico can pay for Donald Trump's wall with oil and gas.
mandie sayavedra
It begins, world wide?
Since they stopped and found the areas of piping that were Td off or T intersectioned and then stolen or "Milked they made strides to fix and patch those pipes so in turn slowing down the fuel to certain areas in Mexico that get fuel delivered. Its a minor setback but in the long run it will be better. The Fuel cost about 2.85 a gallon most parts of mexico way down from 3.75 before Lopez Obrador took the helm. I think it should be around 1.65  per gallon but it might be possible if we can refine our own oil.
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Germany’s poor pensioners | DW Documentary Fight against fuel theft 2 months ago   12:01

Poverty threatens more German seniors than ever. How to make ends meet, when pension isn’t enough?

Herbert worked nearly his entire life, as a welder and as a sailor. But he never put much thought into his pension. Now at 65, he barely receives enough to make ends meet. He can hardly afford daily expenses, not to mention hobbies or a vacation. The number of people in Germany struck with the same fate as Herbert is on the rise. At 15%, the rate of pensioners living at poverty level has leapt higher than any other segment in society. Herbert relies on food donations and collects bottles left behind by party-revelers for extra cash. It’s not easy for him, but he has no other choice. Just like so many other pensioners, even in Germany’s wealthiest regions. A report by Axel Rowohlt.

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