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Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?! | Paralysed Rats Made To Walk - At Up-Tube.com

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?! Paralysed Rats Made To Walk 1 day ago   12:10

Mosquitoes are attracted to me and it's likely due to my genes.
This video is sponsored by 23andMe https://23andme.com/veritasium
Huge thanks to Prof. Immo Hansen and team: http://ve42.co/hansen

Genome Wide Association Study for self-reported mosquito attractiveness:

The twin study showing correlated attractiveness is stronger for identical twins:

Some things we know make mosquitoes more attracted to you:
Exercising, higher metabolism, higher body temperature, more body odor, being pregnant, type O blood, infrequent bathing, lactic acid, ammonia, acetone.

There are a number of folk remedies people believe protect them from mosquito bites like drinking alcohol, eating garlic, or taking vitamin B. These do not appear to provide any benefit in lab studies and in fact drinking alcohol is associated with increased mosquito activity because it causes blood vessels near the surface of the skin to dilate.

And apparently some of your attractiveness to mosquitos is simply genetic. This may be mediated through your immune system, which is what a lot of the genes identified were associated with.

Molecular models are microSnatoms: http://snatoms.com

Filming in New Mexico by Raquel Nuno
Animations by Jacqui Robertson

The opinions and conclusions drawn in this video are those of Veritasium and not 23andMe.

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I got bit around a 100 times in greece in the span of a few days.
PsychePlots skits
Came here for the comments due to the title of the video , was not disappointed lol
Chris Kogos
Because I'm so hot
Nice 0:18
Patrick Zieverink
Would it be the same for ticks? I sweat quite a bit and therefore I would probably smell more than someone else.
Roger Wilco
I know a bunch of people are gonna scientifically explain why we need mosquitoes, but if I had the ability to wipe one species off this planet, it would be mosquitoes.
Immortal Burdens Official Site
Because they're genetically engineered to attack us and whoever is the prick who introduced them to earth is going to get their ass whipped in the afterlife when I get there
Professor Phil 1
My legs are very interested
Katie Giles
I remember i had this one mosquito in my house that kept biting me for like an hour...it got me SOOO mad that next time it bit me i captured it under a glass and totured it....how? Putting my arm right in front of the glass taunting it then putting a drop of blood right outside the glass....that's how mad i was.
I don't think it actually has anything to do with DNA but instead is related to redox potential. In the case of their proof of DNA being the basis using twins as their example, redox potential would likely be around the same as well for twins and as such could still very likely be the real basis. Higher redox potential translates to a lower chance to be bitten and lower redox potential equates to a higher bite chance. Low redox potential also translates to a lot of other problems and health risks too, so it seems reasonable that mosquitoes could be a byproduct of that as well.
I know from experience that Native Americans are not as prone to being bitten by mosquitoes. I used to have some friends that were Native Americans and they never got bit while I got eaten alive. That could be argued as being a genetic DNA based trait passed on to them, but it could also still be redox potential as that gets passed on through the mother by way of the mitochondrial DNA. So, in a sense, I am saying it isn't DNA based and is instead based on redox potential while at the same time that too has a basis in the DNA so it's kind of both :)
The main difference though is that redox potential isn't as fixed as DNA is. It is possible to increase ones redox potential. It is also possible to lower it too, so that could explain some people phasing back and forth on their attractiveness to mosquitoes. The absolute worst thing for redox potential is Fluoride. This is a fact known in chemistry and has nothing to do with any other claims anyone may make about fluoride, though it's likely those claims are true too. It's bad stuff. So, I would start by avoiding that if you want to increase your redox potential.
Lawos Luka
2:46 "man you are very attractive... oh sorry"
K Bailey
Imagine if all those mosquitoes got out into the school
Anthony zaiz
Still technically DiD not answer the question, What a bunch of
Carlos King
Burn em
Lol Mosquitoes are not attracted to me i am Attracted to them i'll make them as my Desert
Da Channel of Wisdom aka IPSoft Creations
We have a youtube cough cough y tube
Jorge Segura
At least something is attracted to me
Since I don't recall seeing it explained, when they're looking at their DNA test results and Derek is talking about "snips" he means SNPs, or Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. It basically means that in certain genes, you can have variations in one base pair (one set of paired letters in the genetic code) that slightly change how the gene works. Not enough to make it non-functional, just enough to make it a bit different.
George Goldschmidt
Jasiah Stevenson
YouTube. Stop.
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Paralysed Rats Made To Walk Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?! 1 day ago   07:30

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