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'donald Trump Marks Uk Arrival | Should President Trump's State - At Up-Tube.com

'Donald Trump marks UK arrival Should President Trump's State 2 days ago   05:14

'Donald J. Trump has marked his arrival in signature Trump style', RT's Polly Boiko reports as the US President arrives in London at the start of his 3-day state visit.

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thomas evans
This is what you call Big American Alfa Dog . As opposed to little girly men E.U. dog,s . Big Dog,s in the house move over little muslim doggy Khan .
Perestroika Glasnost
I'm just here for the beautiful reporter
cooking channel
What about Boris Johnson's the racist who call Obama monkey!
Polly, darling,the Blairite Packie started it!
Sylvia Fashant
why is this UK newswoman spurning our president and FLOTUS?...SOAKED IN ATTITUDE...
Kyle Brock
Hey Russian! Just finished Chernobyl on HBO. Damn your government sucks...enjoy your Fake News from Putin. My fellow Americans wake the hell up! Donnie is not your second helping of Jesus...
Morty Ficklemen
THe Minority London is a zoo. But the NATIVES of ENGLAND will restore her when the people have had enough of the LIE of DIVERSITY being a strength. NEVER...NEVER is it for whites. NEVER
They also forget to mention Khan and the gaurdian posted a video that back fired on them..
miriam kucera
The Trump Wife Is limping , she is walking funny
Michael Powell
"STONE COLD LOSER". He's also a Camel Humper
Shane Bee
Excellent 👍DJT forgot to mention racist socialist communist twit.Crawl back under that rock you call a mosque you incompetent fool.
Monique DuJardin
Khan and his pack of Savages sharing his common origin have no business occupying a civilised country. They should be punished, according to their own Sharia law for their crimes, including the Grooming of human girls, and then sent back to their dunghole dead or alive
Quantum resonance Frequencies
It is the job of RT if you stuck in the political right left paradigm if they didn't they would go broke no corporate sponsors.😜
Quantum resonance Frequencies
RT is becoming fake news.
Quantum resonance Frequencies
RT is so concerned with everything crickets on https://up-tube.com/upvideo/sBKYrhji8_b
Crankshaft 1776
DJT is right, as usual.
Khan has turned London into a shithole.
Marie Tsikopoulou
Robert Sterner
I can not believe the final monarch is still alive but when one has servants wiping ya butt and the best of everything its nigh 2020..no more plenty for the 1 pervcenty*
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Should President Trump's State 'Donald Trump marks UK arrival 2 days ago   10:44

Donald Trump has landed in London today as he attends his first state visit to the UK. Thousands of people are expected to protest which will see another appearance of the infamous 'Trump baby blimp' from last year. One of the men behind the blimp, Asad Rehman, debates with Freddie Gray on whether Trump's visit should be protested when other controversial world leaders are welcomed to the UK.
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Broadcast on 03/05/2019

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