How to pass university admission interview Sample Interview Practice - Questions 8 months ago   10:32

Darian Sandmartin
If you're applying for a university, you're likely to have an admission interview. I will answer 10 typical admission university interview questions to help you prepare 💪🏻 Especially if you want to study abroad!

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nirmal gugaliya
This video is all i wanted at this moment as I'm having my interview today.
It was really helpful
Thank you.
Messi Khan
Hey I need your help
Mattie Mclean
You have a lovely name, a lovely voice and a lovely attitude. This information is just what I need right now too, so thank you very much!
Ahmed ahmed
you are a Nice gurl
Al-hakim Abdul
Those Dany eyes
William Guido
Thank you! It was very helpful! God bless you! 😁
Thank you. Very informative. My interview happen to be next week. So wish me luck.
Im not actually a college student Im going to be a sophomore and I didnt pass the entrance exam of my dream school well I *KNOW* I passed but like 3000 other students took an exam and they'll just pick 300. So basically I wasnt picked. They dont allow Transferies or Transferring isnt really a thing there its a rule but we know this Person who is familliar with the school and actually requested to um further look into us and they actually accepted! Im so happy and nervous because they have never done this begore because they dont do that well I wasnt really accepted yet, they wanted to meet me for an interview TOMORROW and its just Im really nervous its tomorrow morning and I am NOT prepared at all. The Education system is different here in the Philippines and 8th Grade in america is actually middle school but here its kinda like sophomore. The School Im attending is a Public School that is pretty popular in our region. Practically best school in our place and getting an oppurtunity to attend Science High School there is gonna be AWSOME.
Queenie Gaco
im having my interview today! thank you for this video 👌🏻
Sin Nombre
Where do you see yourself in 10 yeas ? - In your chair but asking some more clever questions.
Vivek VR
Tomorrow is my interview and let's see if this helps me.... I'll keep u updated
Fahmi Shidiq
wow thank you very much! your video help me grasp what I have to prepare for my admission interview ^^
Pamela Isabelle
Samer Fakhar
Thank you so much for this video to help the students #Daian Sandmartin
Jasmin Lover
Thank u very much
Muhammad Ahmad
thanks beautiful
Michael Loos
I really love you =D
William Murphy
Good video! I'm liked and share 532 times :D
Oche bee
Thank you so much, i have been looking so hard for this because i am trying to apply for some schools in China and a few of them actually require an introduce yourself video... i am grateful
My interview is on Tuesday.
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Sample Interview Practice - Questions How to pass university admission interview 8 months ago   04:07 - This is a wonderful sample video on Interview. Do watch it to know Interview Questions and Answers.
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