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Hey guys,

We managed to get our hands on a 2015 Chevrolet Cruze 1.4L 2LT with the RS Appearance Package. It's extremely hard to find a Cruze diesel at this moment of time. Once they are readily available in the GTA, will see if we can get you guys a test drive of the 2.0 turbo diesel. For more information on the vehicle, please visit our website at:


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Which trims has the navigation system?
fouad mekersi
hello, thanks for a demonstration
I need know how to install a rear camera for a chevrolet cruze 2014.
Lee Peterke
the daewoo 1.4 turbo is complete piece of shit, cant believe chevy used this engine.
I am in need of a new car. I drove a Cruze last week and every car I look at I compare to this one. I just loved driving it. It was so comfy and roomy as a driver. The only consideration I have is the fact that, as you know Canada gets snow and I am worried about how this baby handles a Canadian winter.
Ryce Smith
back up camera?
Christina Rutherford
Great reviews and comparisons. I needed that to decide.
Christina Rutherford
I had the same question.
QUESTION FOR ANYBODY! Between the 2lt and the lt, which would you recommend? I understand there are some differences, but are they significant or does it all come down to preference? Thanks!
1st Canadian Division Cpl. Lerat
I'm gonna be getting this car.. already seems 🔥 asf
Rented this car ... and god damn is it a fun car to drive! It's not a powerful car but still fun as fuck to drive. Hard to explain... test drive one... tell me it's not a fun drive.
My mom got a chevy cruze 2015 yesterday ;D
Hung Nguyen
dẹp quá
Niavim -
Nice detailled review, thanks.
good review. thanks!
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The Cruze is the latest compact car from Chevrolet, the same brand that brought you the Cobalt and Cavalier before it. In many ways Chevy's previous small car offerings struggled when compared to icons like the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. With the Cruze Chevrolet has stepped up its game, producing a car with the features, safety, style and efficiency needed to take on the best in class.