Mo Salah Puskas Award Winner: Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal 4 weeks ago   02:17

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FIFA Puskas Award: Best Goal Of The Year 2009 - 2018

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Ein Doppelkupplungsgetriebe
If Salah's goal can win a Puskas, a Sunday League goal can win it.
Lt Gamer
That 2016 was omg!
Antonio Polo
Wtf why salah???? Bale and ronaldo?? Fucking fifa
madeleine mane
Where is Messi?
ZZ 10
I love mo salah but the egyption fans are cancer
Pavard had the best imo Most real madrid gloryhunters are here.
Salah? It was such an average goal.
CF- Alptekin
mallar rrrrr bende atarım onu
TheBoss Cein
Buena copia de video
Amer Elkholy
Am an Egyptian and am telling you Salah didn't deserve it .. at Least not for this goal
Zadkovich Raj
What a joke the 2018 public voting was, Egyptians just voted on country/religious sentiment rather than merit
No matter how good the other goals were, a tap in would've been enough for Salah to win

Riley McGrees goal should've won 2018

Salah's 2018 goal was by far the least amazing of any of the goals
Menigma 10
Arjen RObben RUNS down the right beats 3 or 4 people and smashes it with his left foot every damn week and you are telling me that SALAH Somehow wins this , FIFA your bloody stupid , why was this a public vote anyway, why did we let some random middle easterns and africans just push this guy, I mean honestly
Fredrick Teo
Why salah
Pazdan fan
Oh cmon bale goal was 1000 times better
Yiga Sorex
Fuck this! this is shit! some goals on here are absolute jokes! where is Rooney's over head against Man city?? Ronaldo against Juve?? Bale against Liverpool?? and the salah wins with a goal that robben and messi score for fucking Fun!
Infinite Impact
Should've been bale
tom tyson
Ronaldo did it better in 2018
francesco santiago
2010 Hamil Altintop the best for me
lol im a liverpool fan and salahs goal was by no means the goal of the season
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Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal Mo Salah Puskas Award Winner: 4 weeks ago   04:10

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