Mo Salah Puskas Award Winner: Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal 5 months ago   02:17

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FIFA Puskas Award: Best Goal Of The Year 2009 - 2018

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Farindra Fare
Where is messi solo run goal?
Ayuh Membawang
Indonesia king of galaxy football,where are you player?egy maulashit win puskas??
Oliveŕs Dreamz
2014 Should of been Van Persie
Raj Kumar Rai
If I was salah I would return it back and tell them to give it to Ronaldo
tiago Sines
A goal like salah's is scored every week in every championship.
Mustafa Larik
No h in Ibrahimovic
1:25 2015 goal.. Whats great about that? Thats so simple kick..
Frankie Davison
Benjamin pavard deserves this
Zlatan’s goal is just crazy
Ronaldo and bale were robbed
Sahil Lamani
Benjamin pavard's goal was even better than the cr7 and Gareth bale bicycle ones . Absolute perfection💯
WTF! Bale or Ronaldo deserved 2018. Amazing bicycle kicks.

P.S. I rather Bales
Essa Yameen
Salah goal was nothimg against cr7 bicycle kick f*** salah
Medo gaming
Come on, boys Mohamed Salah sad because FIFA gave him this award because he knows that the goal of Ronaldo and the goal of Bale is better than him, but FIFA is all bribes and I say Salah must win the best player of the year and the goal goes to Ronaldo or Bale, but FIFA gave the prize to Mohammed Salah To win anything and I love Mohammed Salah and I hope that wins the best player for the year 2019 and thanks
I just realized that messi is not here long live king ronaldo
Genius 1:52
dejan bursac
Zlatan " The goal of decades "
PUBG Epic moments
Лайк если ты из КАЗАХСТАНА и заметил флаг КАЗАХСТАНА на 0.28 секунде
DJ Poynus
McGree, pavard, bale
Eagles Champ!
townsend's was better vs man city
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Top 10 Funny Worst Open Goal Mo Salah Puskas Award Winner: 5 months ago   04:10

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