Richard Gere interview Richard Gere Wins Best 1 day ago   35:26

Stina Dabrowski
Richard Gere interviewed by Stina Dabrowski, as a part of her "Stina meets" interview series.

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Sandhya Nambiar
Richard was polite to stay on answering her dumb questions... truly the answer to her question to him 'are you arrogant?'
buzz buzz
Just ask if he had a gerbil in his ass and end the interview
David Kodym
As a man unfortunately., I am not capable of a full appreciation of this video:-) But I think Stina did the best she could. At least she pissed off a few egoless compassionate buddhist watchers here:-)
Giberto Elvis
Richard de Best
Yyy Xxx
In some angle,Gere looks like Geogory Pike.Both are super charming and nice hearted men.
Mathias Trachsel
Jesus loves you and once bore your guilt on Golgotha
the thing I have always noticed about him in movies is the fact he always seem to have this twinkle in his eyes saying i am so much more than this, there is so much about me more than meets the eyes it is like a whole persona transcending his acting...there is an actress called Romy Schneider who das that too and surely some others who have got that but that i cant think of..
his message was amiss on the interviewer but here we are and we can hear you Richard.
i dont think his career was destroyed...i feel the movies is one side of him but at some point he awakened to something truer and more meaningful to him...hollywood is not an environment for him...his looks opened doors to him at some point whe he was younger but it is too small now for his spiritual growth...
I'm sorry, I was too absorped with looking at his beautiful face to pay attention to what he was saying.
Julia Smith
I was just looking at this and had to share - an Australian master named Sri Avinash is transmitting the enlightened state, what he calls the Satori Transmission. You can see in video people are experiencing a taste of enlightenment because of him within minutes. 🙌 Check it out! #sriavinashsatori 💞💕
maria da conceição Barbosa
A fé em Deus nos faz crer no incrível, ver o invisível e realizar o impossível
Bima Ardi
all the questions were very disgusting, cant believe he cant be so defensive n stay calm
Oliver Hernandez
This actor does some weird movies don’t really like him and this terrible interviewer
John Boy
Sorry but I heard blah blah blah bag of hot air trying too hard to appear smart DING DING
N Ryan
I love Richard Gere , a very intelligent man indeed
David Beckman
Richard was simply far too wise for this idiot reporter. He has much more patience and understanding then me. I wanted to punch this beatch
Rio Page
Richard Here is one of the most Amazing actors of our time and I just read an interview on Vanity Fair online that Hollywood which is now Owned by China has turned their backs on him! He can't work with Hollywood anymore because of his relationship with Tibet and the Dali Lama. Here has been calling out to China to free Tibet for many years and now its destroyed his career. People in the movie business are threatened that if Here is hired they will Not get their funding and be black balled! I'm outraged that the US has sold out Hollywood to China!
Hollywood doesn't make a lot of good movies anymore and are taking Richard away from us. People need to start raising hell.
We love you Richard!
Michael Lavoie
I thought Cruise was in outer space! Richard takes the cake!
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Richard Gere Wins Best Richard Gere interview 1 day ago   05:28

Sharon Stone presents the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy award to Richard Gere for his role in "Chicago." Gere thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press, pulled out the acceptance speech his wife wrote and continued thanking Kander and Ebb, Rob Marshall, John De Luca, Marty Richards, Craig Zaden, Neil Meron, Harvey Weinstein, the "Chicago" cast and his family.

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