LIFE IN NYC: work, parties Living On $50K A Year In NYC – Millennial 11 months ago   06:40

Another city snapshot of my day-to-day, living and working in NYC! Shot entirely with my iPhone XS.

My coat is from Something Navy for Nordstrom.

Hi! I'm Katy Bellotte and I'm a blogger, creator, podcaster + social media coordinator for L'Oréal Paris cosmetics in New York City. Welcome to my video blog :)

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+ Canon Rebel T3i
+ iPhone 8+
+ Sigma 30mm f 1.4
+ Final Cut Pro X
Hand-lettering: Procreate for iPad Pro

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mario mungia
I feel like the introduction was the ending of her acting reel.
Beautiful friend subscribe to my self faisal naseem......stay connected..👍
The little talk at the beginning and the end gave me hope. It was inspiring. Thanks xx
Wizkid international song playing 3:03
Regina Danielle
Thank u even tho I'm a year late the intro of u explaining life is how I feel I feel so overwhelmed
Michelle Borisov
Honey, you’re not stuck if your going to a party for revolve in nyc
Alex Tran
your intro gave me life
anthony gonzalez
Wow you so pretty
online knowledge Tv
Beautiful life in NYC
Alfaaz k.upadhyay
You know you're beautiful.!
I was just having a bad day but the intro made me happy so thank u
Vikram Sharma
That was amazing virtual experience with you...explore more and be in touch..❤
Really nice vlog. Brings back memories of living in NYC.
Manthan Sharma
song at 4:27 ?
Ben Foshager
Hi I'm just wondering if a lot of southerners float up to NYC?
Katie Mari
I wish you knew how much i needed this in my life right now thank you
Tay Tay
I wonder why you changed ur outfit?
helloindonesia luxury
hellokaty ,,
Correct me if I am wrong, but New Yawkers seem to have very good fashion sense. However, being trendy comes at a cost.

It seems that after they pay for their teeny tiny apartments, and their everyday coffee, and after spending hundreds to thousands on their outfits/dresses, and other miscellaneous (such as transportation, food, health insurance, phone bills, utilities, bars, clubs etc.), they go by from paycheck to paycheck.

It seems like New Yawkers don't know the concept of disposable income (excluding millionaires).
Viktor T
Hey in white boy nice sportsmen cyclist live at LA want kid with you let move to califorinia to me
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