LIFE IN NYC: work, parties Living On $50K A Year In NYC – Millennial 5 months ago   06:40

Another city snapshot of my day-to-day, living and working in NYC! Shot entirely with my iPhone XS.

My coat is from Something Navy for Nordstrom.

Hi! I'm Katy Bellotte and I'm a blogger, creator, podcaster + social media coordinator for L'Oréal Paris cosmetics in New York City. Welcome to my video blog :)

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+ Canon Rebel T3i
+ iPhone 8+
+ Sigma 30mm f 1.4
+ Final Cut Pro X
Hand-lettering: Procreate for iPad Pro

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somdutt sharma
Can anyone please advise song name
Ben Foshager
Hi age please.
Tyanna Seton
this intro really helped me wow
Paula Kong
Love the vibe of your videos!
Люблю Космикса
4:36 What for music?
Xuan Nhi Phan Vu
I love the intro and outro so much. Thanks Katy for those wise words
Kim Masiles
I love the little talks, I was not expecting that ❤️
Jorge Lugo
Katy you really crazy this video is a mess , you have a very bad vibes.
Supreme 12191
I dont like whites
sniffing star dust
I love this video
Eloisa Abigael
My dream is to live in NYC! 😍
Purple Reign
beautiful girl and beautiful video Luv it.
You have a amazing voice!! So nice and shooting...
Amazing vlog
Shubham Varshney
i wanna live you lifestyle with my current enthusiasm.
Luis Rodriguez
Loved this!
I would love to have your life for at least a few months.
Super random , but can you please start doing podcasts! You’re so motivational & I need something to listen to at work :)
Nico Farag
great speech. lol
Giberish Boner
this could be better without the pretentious intro and outro..tbh
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Living On $50K A Year In NYC – Millennial LIFE IN NYC: work, parties 5 months ago   04:24

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