Kawasaki Z1000 Akrapovic Full 10 Best Exhaust Sound Z1000 2 months ago   02:17

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Raw footage video of me riding my friend, Sailesh's Kawasaki Z1000 equipped with Akrapovic exhaust Full System.
Video features exhaust note, on board footage with bike's raw power and insane sound being clearly apparent and a quick braking test.
Triumph Street Triple RS: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/foRwAHrUmi0
Suzuki GSX S750: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/BrMCjVUC3K0

MUSIC CREDITS: Neffex music

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what year is that, i didnt know they have a gear indicator
Ruimteschip K
niceee love the sound maby i gonne do also full exaust
Mac deep
Riding such a monstrosity at 200kmph with out any traction control.sir you realy have alot of guts.
Dip Chatterjee
The brakes and power are superb
All eyez On me
Toce triple down sounds better it sounds amazing
Kaushik Karmakar
Dino bhai... Itna Zor speed se maat chalao, on Indian roads!! Blogging karte karte kahi lurak Na Jao ... Track mein blogging karlo...
Mahadev Chaugule
So sexy sound feals like thunder
Dhaval Patel
yamaha Fz25 pathi review sollunga bro
Sayantan Sam Sarkar
Awesome sound! Did you pull the clutch in while braking ? That's very dangerous.
dv photography
Brother u r too great 😍
U r just osm
No words to define you sir
TULASI SAI RAM photos 02
OMG....! Super
Antonio Jáquez
Awesome video ! What camera and settings were you using ? Looks like a superview setting .
tulsi bhattarai
I reachd 210 on my Z800...!!
Naser Ahamed
Power pack performance....🤗
Tanmoy Biswas
How can I buy original exhaust full system??
Noorulla Shariff
Quite incredible
Gursimran Singh A
Dino Bhai ahram say don't trust Indian roads please .
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10 Best Exhaust Sound Z1000 Kawasaki Z1000 Akrapovic Full 2 months ago   06:20

Exhaust sound Z1000 Sugomi.
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