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The Dumbest Scammers Of 2018 | Irs Scammer Gets So Angry Over - At Up-Tube.com

The Dumbest Scammers of 2018 IRS Scammer gets so Angry over 1 day ago   14:40

Jim Browning
The annual DUMBEST SCAMMERS of 2018! Let's marvel at this year's stupidity and arrange some awards for scamming low-lights.

I reference TechYogiIT/Supremo Innovations (this is their busted scam from September 2018: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/uEYbTFzhJKf).

TechYogiIT's own marketing video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/NuHyh3V9KWH

Thank you all and I wish you a great 2019!

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Video credits:

Outro music:
http://freemusicarchive.org/music/BoxCat_Games/ (Epic Song)

The 3D logo smash was created by 'Please Subscribe Dad'... check out his great channel:

Comments 1826 Comments

Katalin Walcott
The computer had got crashed... & mothersheet - these poor poor illiterate people on the other side trying to scam people - hilarious!
Mina Michelle
I love what you're doing. You're a REALLY great person.
Souradeep Sen Gupta
External Commands?

Cricket Lover
Mothersheet... Holy God... I wanna leave this world..
Well being an engineer I should die...
Bro I can't stop my laugh
I live in Birmingham and even here basically everyone knows about Manchester United
Dan Sirturbodan
wait i want to hear more about this mother sheep!
Kirushanth Sharva
Do you know what mother sheet is?
Do you know what mother sheet is ma'am! Not even Bill Gates know what mother sheet is.
As a person studied theory for a more than 3years i want to throw cow dung at this b word (since it's India) if you want to scam people at least study first. You're disgrace to your country and your self.
Mohamed Haikal
I herd mother sheep
I think Jim, you should become a Consultant for India and their Mothersheeting scammers...
yash S
As a indian i really feel ashamed and angry on these type of scammers.you are doing a great job.
I’m in the states and don’t even really like sports and even I know one of the teams in Manchester is Manchester United.
Dupa Essex
Scammers are utterly dumb and stupid...!!! Yet, Americans actually fall for this crap...!!! Americans are dumber then the scammers...!!!
Kry Kry Infinitive
Can’t wait for the 2019 awards
bennet alex
Oh Oh God this is beyond embarrassing
Clear Skies
You'd think they would learn how to keep a notepad open to copy and paste their technobabble from.
Clear Skies
Clear Skies
Was that your recorder performance in the intro?
Pythagorasaurus Rex
Ahhh! That intro music is so frigging awesome! Fits exactly to this video! Love it!
20th century wolf 0:00
I loved that ending lol! subscribed
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IRS Scammer gets so Angry over The Dumbest Scammers of 2018 1 day ago   05:13

In this animated scambait cartoon,an IRS Scammer get so angry when I attempt to pay my taxes!