The Dumbest Scammers of 2018 New Airline Ticket Scam Exposed 1 day ago   14:40

Jim Browning
The annual DUMBEST SCAMMERS of 2018! Let's marvel at this year's stupidity and arrange some awards for scamming low-lights.

I reference TechYogiIT/Supremo Innovations (this is their busted scam from September 2018:

TechYogiIT's own marketing video:

Thank you all and I wish you a great 2019!

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New Airline Ticket Scam Exposed The Dumbest Scammers of 2018 1 day ago   15:03

We ran into a new call center pretending to provide support for airline companies. They'll try to convince you to "purchase" plane tickets via gift cards. Don't fall for this scam! Exposing scammers live on twitch: