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An office worker becomes so lost in his daydreams about Switzerland’s natural landscapes that fantasy and reality begin to merge. As he pursues a wild trout, his own wild side takes over. A thrilling experience of pristine nature in Switzerland – on foot, swimming, by bike and canoe – draws him on, all the way to the surprising finale.

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JoeDoe_ Outdoors
Hii great channel ☺ Keep it up!
Seafront and mountain holidays in Northern Greece
Bravo for a wonderful video!
Chloe Bodard-Hill
Love it hahaha
Clare O'Reilly
Coming back in 2018 and 2020!
Johnson Tv
What's the music? I'd like to know. :)
Niklas Zhou
Sehr lustig und schöne orte
Mir gefällt die werbung
The music is fun:) what is it please?
.... it`s time to explore HIS wonderful nature...rock it...
Sylvia Michel
Love it:)
Yaw Nuako
my mans clearly on drugs
Great ad
Ali Selkhi
did the guy got fired at end of the video?
Excellent! Love it x #destinationmarketing
FILMFEHLER! Bei 0:00 Haltet er das Blatt mit einer Hand aber bei 0:01 mit 2 Händen.
Ana Duboue
Yo también quiero volver a ver en persona la hermosa naturaleza Suiza!!!!
Daniel Dobre
Great :) :) :)
what lake is it at the end?
muhadoc 21
Super Video, Gratulation und den Daumen nach oben. LG Thury :-))
enjoyed it very much. very well done
Anna C
Brilliant! :D what agency is behind this ad?
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Upgrade your winter Nature wants you back. 3 months ago   01:12

You've never been to the mountains until you've been here.
Switzerland. Home of snowsports:
New: Listen to the song: