23 Things to Do in Downtown Los Angeles The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger 2 months ago   10:27

California Through My Lens
23 Places to Explore in Downtown LA -

Downtown LA has a ton of great spots to see, and in this video, I share 23 of my favorite places. This is just a small sample of what you can do in Downtown LA, be sure to let me know what your favorite spot is in the comments.

Here is a list of the places I visit in this video:

1. The Broad
2. Walt Disney Concert Hall
3. OUE Skyspace
4. Union Station
5. Olvera St
6. Chinatown
8. Grand Central Market
9. Bradbury Building
10. Angels Flight
11. The Last Bookstore
12. Clifton's Cafeteria
13. Art's District
14. Intercontinental
15. Grammy Museum
16. Smorgasburg
17. Little Tokyo
18. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
19. LA City Hall
20. Grand Park
21. Pershing Square & LA Library
22. Bob Baker Marionette Theater
23. Dodger's Stadium

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Don’t go to Pershing square at night !!!!
The slide sucks.
Matt Terriah
Is L.A. this uncrowded most of the time? I lived in NYC and I never saw it as quiet as these places.
Edna Murillo
Thank you! I'm consider this places
shanaz khosti
Thank you so much for making this video. I had no idea any of these 23 existed in los Angeles
Go find some area in Downtown LA that has blocks of homeless people. All these people in Cali love to sugarcoat their area without telling you the real real reality.
Mohammed Alhabshan
I really enjoyed watching your fantastic video and gave me noew places to visit?

What are best months to visit Los angels? Do you recommend summer?
The Pie Hole In The Arts District (Building was Hillbys' Corner back in the80's artistic days when that entire area was abandoned and fun!! The American Hotel and the infamous Al's Bar! Damn Gentrification took away all that character in the area.
DIY- Cheap Healthy Cooking
The only thing to see is the "you are now leaving LA." sign as you get the hell outta there.
Wow, great job man!!
Bo Lep
You forgot all the prostitutes LA has to offer. Specially the hoes in downtown LA
Carolina Olague
The Getty
LA Zoo
The Pike/Aquarium of the pacific in LB
California Donuts
Venice/ Venice Canals
Santa Fe Swap Meet
Universal Studios/City walk
Universal Overlook (at night)
Los Angeles Arboretum
The Grove
Signal Hill
San Pedro fish market
(Some are not in DTLA, but in the LA area)
Eric Carlson
Bob Baker or Bob Barker.? cool, a whole museum of marionettes. Gotta explore this
architecture fans will enjoy the 12+ old theaters om Broadway. Plus "Tacos Mexico" eatery!
Diesel Smoker
Tell you what ima check these places out next time I drive there.
mario ortiz
Gonna visit one of these places every week for the next 23 weeks!
Steven Anter
24. vista hermosa park
Tron Kleds
Commiefornia is a sheet hole. The most unamerican state.
paul mclaughlin
im cmn out july from scotland
R. D.E.
Basic list
Nadia K.
So i will know where to go this summer in LA.Thank you so much 👍👍👍👍
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The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger 23 Things to Do in Downtown Los Angeles 2 months ago   08:58

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How to really "animal-style" | 0:46
The secret secret menu | 1:22
Special deals for law enforcement | 1:53
New on the menu | 2:35
Secret messages | 3:12
Famous chefs are loving it | 4:12
Managers make bank | 5:27
High-end swag | 6:21
The heiress to the burger fortune | 7:00

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