Čištění sedaček v autobusu/ Bus seats Pranie tapicerki samochodowej - Auto 8 months ago   04:08

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Cleaning seat in public transport - bus.

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I’m not a Rapper
Am I the only person that probably searched “dusty bus seats” ? Nobody okay just me then 🤣
I sleep with my eyes open But I don’t know why
Probably another 5600grams of dirt got on them seats since it was recorded.
How much to drink that water
Der loot gamer
Mein Traumjob
Alfredo Alfred
In Italia sono molto più puliti... MAGARI!!! La malattia minore e il tifo.
Andrian Ryudo
2019 youtube recomended this video
Balu Bhalerao
What is the chemical name??
AndrEa GarCia
This is the video that made me addicted to watching dirty seats get cleaned
Meg Padovan
why am I watching this at 4.23 am ????
Андрей Андрей
Liam McMullen
Why did I watch that
Lula Lei
The voices🥶
Furryy '
*i predict you guys are watching this because it’s satisfying.*
Williams Freire
What machine is that? impressed
anon cxnt
slt ce serait mieux avec une brosse nylon ???
Which liquid was used to cleaned the seat.please tell?
Andrea Leonardi
Zelené Jablko
This is probably on of the most viewed czech video on youtube. Kind of funny...
Juninho Gamer
Molhou muito o estofado
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Pranie tapicerki samochodowej - Auto Čištění sedaček v autobusu/ Bus seats 8 months ago   03:40

Jeżeli chcesz mieć czystą tapicerkę, pozbyć się nieprzyjemnego zapachu i czuć się komfortowo we własnym samochodzie,
zadzwoń i zamów pranie tapicerki.
Studio Pielęgnacji Samochodów - AUTO SPA Kolbuszowa
Telefon: 697 748 265
Pełna oferta na stronie www.autospa-kolbuszowa.pl