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Robert De Niro On Trump: 'of Course | Billy Crystal Kicks Off The Afi Life - At Up-Tube.com

Robert De Niro on Trump: 'Of course Billy Crystal Kicks Off the AFI Life 2 days ago   03:50

CNN Business
In an exclusive interview, Hollywood legend Robert De Niro tells CNN's Poppy Harlow that President Trump needs to do more to unify the country and help Dreamers.

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De Niro is unamerican.
At least he's sticks to his guns
jozef BeüruT
The president of American states trump is psychopate .
And ingnorant man have a paranoïde...
I'm starting to think celebrities are actually for Trump, because they're using reverse psychology on us to go against them and vote for Trump.
Downtown Ranger512
If DeNiro was not so washed up that his career is over, his wife left him and he is going senile and is irrelevant. Maybe it's time for him to Off himself in the shower so we can all remember him from his glory days
Lovely watchin these triggered Hollywood pussies
Don Diego Vega
That is the face of a deceiver.
You Wish
Funny how Poppy Harlow doesn't badger him about the Weinstein scandal the way she badgered Nick Sandmann for smiling at a lunatic race baiter.
Gary Carter
YOUR FUCKED UP ASS WIPE and a bad actor
Sean Baca
FUCK TRUMP that fat golfing lying draft dodging rat faced coward little bitch! Someone put a bullet in his fat orange face!
What a f--king DOUCHEBAG!
Tino Pacino
I do support Trump However he should let all the Children Brought here or Born in this country and stay just for the simple fact that they have grown up Americans. In all that they think and do..
Focus on other things because illegal immigration is not a problem, numb nuts. An elite Hollywood person.
Cathy Chisholm
I will NEVER pay for a film that has De Niro in it.
Your an idiot dago bastard,,
JoeMoe Moe
Hey Shit Face you spent a lifetime as an actor degrading Italians as criminals. And in your only holy movie your protege' became a cop killer. You are a talented actor but from my heart as 50% Italian FUCK YOU DI NERO! And I spent a lifetime shedding that skin that you perpetuated. Hey Mafia you want to take down the team? You want to punch the capo in the face? Baseball my favorite sport! Yet your mouth still yaps? You are such a whore.
Jstgfg.4876 Gfdhhh.876
Fuck you Bob and Fuck you CNN. You fake news hacks
Enric Rivero
He knew EVERYTHING Weinstein was doing. He might even been participating in his "actions"...

That's what best friends do
Rusty Crap
Why is PewDiePie interviewing Robert De Niro?
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Billy Crystal Kicks Off the AFI Life Robert De Niro on Trump: 'Of course 2 days ago   05:50

Billy Crystal kicks off the 31st AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Robert De Niro (2003). Also in the video, an old car commercial starring a young Robert De Niro.

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