Stevie "Fast" Jackson reveals Stevie Fast vs Lizzy Musi......PDRA 4 months ago   07:10

Quarter-Max Chassis & Racing Components
Interview with Stevie "Fast" Jackson about the construction of the new Shadow 2.0, built by RJ Race Cars, and his comments on the records that could potentially fall in 2017.

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turbo man 351w
did he say QUEERBOS
Dwreck Baker
Sorry Stevie but that ragged ass Ford made you famous, dont burn any bridges there my friend.
Groom Lake
The top pulley is classic 🤣🤣🤣 when the pulley is a 1/4” bigger than the starter dogs you know your going after it🤣🤣130% over F—k it😎
I like everything blowers turbos and nitrous but let me know when you're silly radial nitrous and blower cars trap 219 out the back
Dave Silva
Raggaty went records in a ford all your life.!!
I'm curious what about turbos, he dislikes them so much
coolest man ever
batman5738 0906
he says silly nitrous stuff but he has one of the most expensive set ups KNOW to man
Kyle Aragon
Props to Stevie fast Jackson, after that crazy crash at lights out 7 with shadow he's still going strong and smashing records. I'm going to miss the fox body mustang that he used and the paint scheme was hot.
Patti Yuiska
I don't think Stevie likes to talk much
Prime Enforcer
25 mph faster because it's a Chevy? I guess that Mopar motor has nothing to do with it.
Phil James
I like the boxbody look better!#facts
Jayme Eason
I just didn't like him ripping up Ford like that. The Shadow Fox was iconic cause everyone is on a Chevy Pro Mod. And Yes I am all Ford by the way!
Justin Young
Stevie your an amazing driver and I love what you do on the strip....but take those bars off your pro nitrous car and run that 3.75 again.....then it will count...again I have all the respect in the world for you because you have more than earned it....but take the bars off when you put radials on it
pooty pounder big stuff 3 mustang
raggedy Ford bullshit stevie Jackson you'll regret the cheby the shadow was the shit you'll be back in a fox !!!!
is it screw or 14-71 roots ?
Will be looking for you to run a 3.69 in the new car.
thunder god
were does he buy even the fuel for .25 cents i have .75 shit get me a race car
Bob Falfa
The Shadow was a great car,and Stevie is a great driver but why does he have to be such a hater and come across as such a douchebag? I mean shit..look at what you do for a living man,stop hating.
Terrance Adrian
A Camaro??....Really??

You just killed The Shadow.
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Stevie Fast vs Lizzy Musi......PDRA Stevie "Fast" Jackson reveals 4 months ago   02:48

Stevie Fast gets his revenge over Lizzy Musi in the PDRA World Finals at VMP. Video footage supplied by