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The Cumberland Mountain Doodle Gang
There was a loose horse that I put up with my boys today (to keep out of the road) until I could contact his owner.

Now, I don't believe in sticking my nose in other people's horsey business, but a loose horse is an altogether different matter. For the safety of the horse, and everyone on the road, this is one of the few situations where I will act. (Bits, shoes, shows, stalls, spurs, etc. I just keep my mouth shut---bite my tongue---and try to be a good example).

The reaction was hilarious. My boys stood on one side of the pond and would blow, flash and prance, and the new gelding did the same, but on the other side of the pond. None of them ever worked up enough nerve to cross the natural barrier of the pond and say hello. The big chickens!! :)

The little stranger is back safe at home, and was a sweet heart.

(Note: they were all in open pasture, if they had gotten a little rowdy, they would all have had the room to find release. I would not put a strange horse in with mine in an enclosed or confined area).

If you have been blessed, and are privileged to own a horse, you are in possession of a great treasure. Treat it as such. Horsemanship makes the life of the HORSE better. Pass it on!!

Great example of horses being allowed to work it out when a strange horse is introduced:

Thank you as always to those who are showing a better way:

youtube: horseawareness

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Judi Spackman
You need to have a lesson to use a camera.
Dog needs a shock collar lot better then horse kicking him in the head
Charlii C
Iwatch this every time it shows on my suggestion list. Festus and Zeus were so funny
TJ Wilson
Takes a little while for horses to accept a new one in their pasture.
Chuck Holmes
It's great that you care for these animals! I love horses but do not own one as I am not familiar with how to take care of them. I now live in Nevada and see wild Mustangs everyday and yesterday was able to see two stallions fighting over ones harem. Interesting to see wildlife living naturally. Where I use to live south of Hollister California I use to see herds of Thule Elk and the males again fighting over females.
Wendy W
Is the swayback horse in pain? He shouldn't be ridden.
Owen Sheridan
Stupid woman, if your dog worries the horses, which it is obviously doing put it on a leash. it will get kicked and end up with cracked skull or broken bones. Amature.
Vanessa Lasas Lapratt
You have such a beautiful laugh! lol it reminds me of my cousin's laugh. Always so cheerful and friendly!
Rebecca Ashworth
Rebecca Ashworth
“They’re going to nail him one day, and when they do, he’ll learn”??? Personally I think that is a really foolish comment. A dog bite could wreck the tendons on the leg, and a kick can kill the dog. Not to mention what another livestock owner would do to a dog that has been allowed to chase animals, and gets loose onto their property! Why on earth would you take that chance?
Pat Smith
That was really funny. Thanks for sharing.
your horse are beautiful and im sorry to hear about the loss of your horse as well
PJ Sev
I don't think any of the horses I have owned would have been like that...they would have gone straight to the new guy and sniffed noses and snorted and squealed over and over...ha ha. Your boys were really good neighbors! They didn't want to fight.
TJ Tampa
Seemed line the 2 boys were very concerned for the stranger... like they knew he was in need of help.
Diane Watson
Lol...never heard the expression about being "tore out of their frames" before. What a hoot!
Helen Eschenbacher
Festus is a quarter horse? In your DREAMS Honey!
Helen Eschenbacher
WHY on earth do you allow that dog to go after the horses! Train your dog and KEEP IT OUT OF THE PASTURE! Dogs are kicked, bitten, and KILLED by horses--PLUS it upsets your horse!
The humane society should take these animals away from you!!
gerldine rice
I'm glad u helped.
Brenda Burke
Your horses look in beautiful shape. I think the little stranger could do with a few more groceries and a good brushing now and then. I am not saying in any way shape or form he is abused because his friendliness says he's not.
Beautiful horses you have - what kind are they? (Obviously I'm not all that knowledgeable on the subject, but horses are just one of the most beautiful life forms to grace this planet...)
I'd really try to keep the dog away from the horses. I had a dog about the same size years ago and I too thought someday one of the horses would put her in her place. Well we got what we thought would happen. My Arab/Saddlebred cross gelding nailed that dog in the head. Just 1 time was all it took
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BLOOPS What To Do When a Loose Geldings React to Strange Horse 3 months ago   03:36

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