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Scottish Foods - 3 Dishes To Try In Edinburgh, | How To Make The Best Toad In The Hole.thescottreaproject - At Up-Tube.com

Scottish Foods - 3 Dishes To Try In Edinburgh, How To Make The Best Toad In The Hole.TheScottReaProject 2 days ago   07:18

The Endless Adventure
Day 215 - We're trying 3 of the most unique foods from Scotland! We were skeptical at first, but were really surprised how much we liked these Scottish dishes :D

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Here are the dishes, their prices and the places we went to try them:

£1.20 Scotch pie from The Piemaker: http://www.thepiemaker.co.uk/

£2.80 Deep fried Mars bar from Clamshell: https://www.facebook.com/Clamshell-118413408213230/

£9.99 Haggis from The Albanach: http://www.albanach-edinburgh.co.uk

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Footage shot with Sony a6000, Canon G7X and Phantom DJI 3 Standard Drone (a.k.a. Mike Drones)

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The Endless Adventure
We hope you enjoyed this delicious day! If you'd like to see more food adventures around the world, make sure you subscribe ~~> http://bit.ly/1Nnl2kq We post new travel videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
Jr Tomlin
I've never known a Scot who actually ate a fried Mars bar. That is much more a tourist thing, but great trying haggis and discovering that it is a VERY tasty dish -- (and one that Scots do eat). Nice to see Americans with an open mind.
Brandon 111
On my way to Scotland from London, England and I’m stoked!
Gene Miller
When did you eat catfood to give the comparison to the haggis?
Gene Miller
Many find mutton a bit of an acquired taste. I had mutton hotdogs-they were really vile.
Wee binnie C
A real life chick that wants to try new food and doesn’t even look scared. I’d go on food adventures with that girl. Seems cool. I don’t know how this works dude but I would swap you 3 live haggis’s for that nice lady. No Scot has ever put that deal in the table 😍
Teresa Harris
I doubt that a fried candy bar is typical Scots cuisine.
william f
You two seem real nice guys - you should try a half pizza supper (deep fried pizza with chips) - if your in Edinburgh they ask if you want salt and sauce - in Glasgow they ask if you want salt and vinegar ( Glaswegians and Edinburgh folk are totally different animals )
Linda Easley
You ate mutton and you're afraid of a fried Mars bar ?
I like the Irish who taste test American food . They are not afraid of calories
What no chip buttie?
Bee Jay
Drop the fried Mars bar, and replace it with mince and tatties.
Ana Parada
seems like a very nice couple but the guy needs sideburns he would look a lot more handsome he's not an ugly man no need to use swear words in custom such a nice couple I hope they have a big wedding hope they're married if not hope to have a big wedding in Edinburgh or Glasgow Scotland God bless you all you guys are very blessed and fortunate to be able to travel outside the USA will we need to be helping our homeless and the poor and single mothers and widows and not be so selfish and use all our money traveling When my family went to London England. They gave money to the homeless that was there and help them that's what we're supposed to do and not be selfish God bless you and yours make a video about Cork Ireland
Ana Parada
Ana Parada
Very interesting videos thank you we have Scottish Heritage but the woman hair needs a haircut her hair lacks luster it's kind of frumpy here for such a young woman who's very pretty the guy the husband needs a some sideburns with a shorter haircut would you need sideburns big-time kind of like a James Dean haircut is called the prohibition but he needs sideburns old men do makes men look edgier and softer in this at the same time no sideburns is disgusting 70s and 80s men have sideburns Jimmy McCulloch the legendary blues guitarist was from Glasgow he was drop-dead gorgeous he played with the band wings he died in 1979 in London his poor brother had Jack had to find him Jack was a drummer musician as well looks a lot like Jimmy
Please take back your orange men from 🇮🇪 and eat them. Thank you 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
c Mc
Man i miss mince pie suppers........it's one of the very few things i miss about Scotand, the Chippy.
JAMs iPad
Great food at The Albanach! Highly recommend it!
Julie IG
" Fresh from the package "
mark findlay
Sticky toffee pudding, invented in Scotland & with ice cream..
Bob B
I have lived in Scotland all my life and I don't know anyone who has eaten a deep-fried Mars bar.
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How To Make The Best Toad In The Hole.TheScottReaProject Scottish Foods - 3 Dishes To Try In Edinburgh, 2 days ago   14:36

Toad In The Hole Recipe,A true,Great British.classic dish.The ultimate comfort food.I kick it up a notch,by using my own,home-made, Beef steak and Guinness sausage,and of course That fantastic home made Yorkshire pudding batter,Its a killa combination,Top Notch Food Porn.enjoy

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