Be a part of a city on the rise: Oklahoma Oklahoma City by Drone in 4K 1 day ago   07:09

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
A renaissance city. A Cinderella story. A transformation that continues. Top-of-mind worldwide, with numbers that work in your favor. This is the new American city: the 21st-century Oklahoma City.

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Peter Bilicki
What are the names of the lakes where they showed the sail boats sailing and where are they located in OKC? Thanks
wikki today
Обожаю Америку!!!
Leigh Parker
Beautiful vid! Thanks for the video. 🖤
Christopher Mallow
Let me start by saying I'm from Oklahoma City. I was born here and have lived most of my life here, and I live in Oklahoma City today. And I'm looking to MOVE OUT. I've lived in bigger, better, and older cities (Chicago and Denver), and I'll say that Oklahoma City is far too focused on pie-in-the-sky garbage and importing every ridiculous New Urbanist idea and concept to try to boost the city's cred (San Antonio's Riverwalk; Seattle's basketball team; San Francisco's streetcars; NYC's Central Park; a Ferris wheel from California; whitewater rafting, pot, and craft brewing from Colorado; soccer.....SOCCER?!?!...the list goes on and on and on). What they AREN'T doing, is anything that fits with the local existing culture, or anything that is actually innovative. As a result, OKC is simply becoming like any other urban hellhole, suitable for hipster douchebags. If that's what you want, great, have at it...but frankly, you can get that in any modern city, since they're all pretty much the same and we don't have anything unique to offer.
Big Okie
I lived in OKC for 35 yrs. I love that town ! The cost of living is low, it’s easy to get around , the people are friendly, and the women are gorgeous ! You get all of the weather extremes though. I wish I was back there now instead of being up here in Michigan.
Kent Ross
What a stroke fest.
I know de Wey brudda
Kansas City is more affordable and twice the size. It’s also booming with jobs and development
I know de Wey brudda
Whoever is incharge of marketing okc is doing a great job, because there’s not much there
Wow fantastic, awesome..
Just Love..
Susan. UK
Rickey Brady
Nice city! Great Video. Thanks for sharing this video. Also, visit at
Gary York
I was there last week with my job. couldn't wait to leave. the people are rude and the traffic is shitty. what a waste of land.
My favorite city on earth. I love living here.
Preston Brownlow
OKC is a great place to live and i am so excited about seeing it come up.
Ngỗng Béo
I saw the "Ao dai" and "Non La". It's a part of Vietnam traditional. I'm very proud of when I saw the Vietnam traditional symbol in OKC :)
Honey The Contractor
My hometown definitely has a lot going for it. I love to travel to other places, but I am not a loss for things to do here.
Salah Eddine
I am an immigrant I came to okc last year. Okc is not the right place to live in as a new immigrant. There is no good economy .it is like a third world country. Don't come here I just wasted my year. The people are racist. The roads are fuck up and you are always scared to die by a tornado. Jobs are hard to get and pay is low
Jackson Inman
It's nothing special trust me
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Oklahoma City by Drone in 4K Be a part of a city on the rise: Oklahoma 1 day ago   03:01

We spent a year in 2015 and 2016 traveling across the country shooting videos, and will be releasing a new video every few weeks (as quickly as I'm able to edit them!).

We shot this video of Oklahoma City a bit later on in our summer travels, but I was so excited about it that I skipped over editing several other videos to make this one. It's one of my favorite videos we've made so far.

The equipment used for this was a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, a Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal, and a GoPro Hero4 Black. A more detailed breakdown of all of the equipment we use for these videos can be found on our blog. All editing was done with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

The music in this video is titled "Emotional 2" by SimpleAudio, and was licensed through

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below or feel free to send me a message. I do try to respond to questions. Also, I'm working on growing my YouTube channel, so please subscribe to see more videos as we release them.