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China's War On Waste | 101 East | Myanmar's Youngest Maids | 101 East - At Up-Tube.com

China's War On Waste | 101 East Myanmar's Youngest Maids | 101 East 2 days ago   25:41

Al Jazeera English
China was once the dumping ground for half the world’s rubbish. But with 1.4 billion citizens, they are now struggling to cope with their own. Beijing alone produces 25,000 tonnes of trash a day.

Hundreds of thousands of scavengers eke out a living trawling for rubbish in the streets of the nation’s capital. But the nation’s war on waste is edging them out.

The government is modernising its waste management - pushing for industrial-scale recycling, shutting down small-time incinerators and proposing to restrict single-use plastic items like takeaway containers.

101 East lifts the lid on China’s rubbish crisis.

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Comments 318 Comments

Michael Griffiths
Were buying those yellow hire bikes in thailand. Tuppence ha’penny each.
Juliet Tun
I think people need to live like in the 1800 to have less. I think restaurants should have cups that can be wash and not paper cups.
joe biden
Garbage can be gold,better take that garbage a make it land,cover it with dirt.
edgard deon
Dump to Scarborough shoal HAHAHA all there garbage will destroy Philippine pacific coast HAHAHA
Andrew Blackadder
How come this kid walks to school when there are so many bicycles thrown away in that huge dump and they could all be sent to India, Africa,South America, like Brazil, where any kid would be more than happy to receive on for free.
Null Null
The uncle is a great man. I thought going back the journalist would say "Änd i had to cheap in his his education and got him a sponsor for his education"
King Zay
I'm rooting for that kid to succeed in life. 👍
Jacob Schutz1983
We have same machine in Australia people now clean the streets of plastic bottles to get aus$0.10 per bottle some make $100 a day from glass and plastic.

Our biggest problems Is people will go through bin making a mess. And steal our outside bins to carry recycling around t(e streets.
Imagine all the recyclable materials on the bicycles why are they just sitting there once again the government figuring out ways to keep the poor people poor. These people perform a valuable service for the countryand yet they're looking for ways to knock down their houses and take away their jobs typical f****** bureaucracy even worse in China
evylynamit Tripura
Jungle of plastic omg😭
God bless this young man and his uncle.
Carolyn M Scotti
Jony Chica
best uncle any nephew can have.
kiki lu
asian people never take anything for granted. we are lucky enough just to get a good education. so we respect our familys, the elderlies, and teachers a lot. unlike in most western countries where they talk back or hit their teachers or parents overseas.
give the bikes to homeless men, women and children so they can get around to work, school, and so much more! If you put out, you'll reap the REWARDS! Oh but noooo, you don't want to hand things out for free. So lets just allow it to sit and rot vs. creating wealth in your country to help people get around who do not have a mean of transportation...
Just want to correct that the Uncle got 35 RMB that day, which equals to $5 dollars, not $30. And really want to thank you for reporting this, especially the part of the family.
Mystery Buyer
If the United States agrees to trade with other countries they should be made to import containers of waste upon return of the containers.
Philippe H
Best solution is to control their population unfortunately with their old tradition male is important. That's why they keep having babies until a male is born.
Kevin Miller
i like how they just wall them off xd
Priyanka Gawade
God bless the child and his uncle
Hanapi Hamdan
How can we help (donation) to Hwang and his angelic uncle
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Myanmar's Youngest Maids | 101 East China's War On Waste | 101 East 2 days ago   25:56

When a maid from Myanmar fell from the window of a high-rise Singapore flat, the incident shocked the public. Then came the news that the girl was just 15 years old.

In 2016, a 101 East investigation revealed that girls from Myanmar were being trafficked to Singapore to work as domestic helpers. One year on, we discover that the practice continues despite laws in both countries designed to prevent it.

On this episode, 101 East exposes the powerful, corrupt forces still profiting from the labour of Myanmar's vulnerable young girls.

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