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Lloyd Neck - 2008 Sundance | A Superb Film About Our Universe - At Up-Tube.com

Lloyd Neck - 2008 Sundance A Superb Film About Our Universe 4 months ago   15:39

Alex has a crush on her brother's friend Jesse. But Jesse likes Alex's brother Taylor. Alex knows something is up with her brother. He's in a strange place and he takes Alex and Jesse to his favorite spot.

Lloyd Neck is an official selection of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Cast: Aaron Michael Davies, Brian Dare, Carina Goldbach

Color, USA 2007
English / Narrative
Shooting format: 16mm
1.78, 16x9 / Stereo LR
Runtime: 15:30

Comments 447 Comments

Ruby Aron
this is the most subtly beautiful film I’ve ever seen wow wow wow I love it
Surbhi Gupta
Most gay movies have an ending where superficial love leads to broken friendship. But in this movie every thing is fine even after they broke up. I love how this movie cover sibling love bcz I think it's the most important and real love a person have.
Marcus Simon GELLING
excellent movie, I could have watched this story unfold for an hour, thanks to Liv's comments below, as I couldn't quite work out what was meant to be the story being told!
Alisson França
The simplicity here is refreshing
Elise Putnam
This was just the sweetest thing ever. So many little details and amazing character chemistry. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time!
You know what, I wish that I could give this movie more thumbs up, it's just such a good movie, so pure and innocent. Everything about this movie is right, the music, the setting, and the characters. This movie brings back memories when I was a kid.. This movie makes me feel so good!
Ester Seib
he looks like Ethan Dolan
Donald Storm
this short film Makes Me Wanna Cry if there's two guys I'm going to see each other for a while this should have been all over each other they are so much in love but there just seems some kind of strange wall up between them whether it's because they brought the little sister I don't know I don't think it should have ended like that it's kind of sad.
I actually really liked this. Is a bit incoherent but it's a good little short film
vihaan chaudhary
hey guys since were all here to each other i got a question. i know i like guys and ive kissed at least 15 but yet i dont feel anything i dont know whats wrong but i dont feel a spark and its been a real problem cause i fear that im straight and i dont want that i wanna be with a guys so please tell me what do i do and am i overreacting or in real the kiss is that big of a deal my mind is going that if i dont feel anything when i kiss a boy maybe it will with a girl and that terrifies me please guys a little help here
Leslie Carter
I don't get it
nora c
I don't think this is important but I noticed all the characters and names mentioned were unisex
Lindsay Anderson
Alex looks like a young rowan blanched ahhhhhh i love it
Troy Anderson
SIN is an ABOMINATION to the Lord!
Maddie Joy
I wish they would have had a time jump if Jesse and Taylor getting married it would have been cute and Alex as there flower girl
Dane Hill
Lovely short. Good acting, particularly Taylor. He needs to have more of a career.
k a t h d o n g p y o
what hasn't he told Alex, is the real question .
Why is this called Lloyd Neck? Was it filmed there? (doesn't look like it)
Yasmine Charrak
But the real question is, why isn't jesse in a dark room when developing those photos?
Megan Christie
Did anybody else notice how Alex's brother said "Come on Alex we've got to go. The bus is waiting for us." Yet about 20 seconds later they get into Alex's brother's car? Since when have busses and cars been the same thing? Or has the bus magically vanished in about 4 seconds... Either way this is still great.
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A Superb Film About Our Universe Lloyd Neck - 2008 Sundance 4 months ago   35:44

Nominated for an Academy Award, this 36-minute IMAX production offers a state of the art, computer generated journey through the universe, and tries to pinpoint the role of human beings cohabitating within its vastness.

Among the topics included are a variety of the greatest scientific theories known to exist - some of which had never before been visualized on film - as well as a guided tour through the cosmos and solar system, and a look at the nature of black holes and exploding supernovas.