Taylor Schilling at "The Overnight" DP/30: The Overnight, Jason Schwartzman, 2 days ago   02:32

Taylor Schilling joins Arthur Kade at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of "The Overnight". Schilling plays a mother Emily who recently moves to LA with her husband and young son. Eager to make new friends, they go to a party after an invitation from the father of their son's playground friend, which takes a racy and hilarious turn after the kids fall asleep.

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DP/30: The Overnight, Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling at "The Overnight" 2 days ago   34:04

He's been one of indie's most familiar (and favorite) faces since Rushmore in 1998. She is a recent sensation as the lead of Orange Is The New Black. The duo co-star, each with a different movie spouse, in The Overnight. The duo talked about the film, show biz, how they perceive themselves and more with David Poland.

Shot in Los Angeles, May 2015

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