Should I Buy The C8 Corvette When It's Chevrolet Corvette | Buyers Guide 2 days ago   08:13

Cars, Costs and Technology
Would you buy the 2020 C8 mid-engine Corvette as soon as it comes out, or do you think that it's going to take a few years to warm up to the completely new design? In this video I'll share some of my thoughts on the topic. I'd love to hear yours in the comments below!

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Cars, Costs and Technology
So who wants to see a C8 on CC&T? Let me know below! Thanks for watching 👍
ted smith
yea, unless ya want a higher hp model the following year
Eric Chambers
Wonder if this DCT will be on the C8
Broncoman 9
I just want to know what the c8 is going to be like
Ruben Mendez
You have a beautiful Vette !!!!
james johnson
I would love to see you in a c8
Banana Strings
Shun Sato
I’m sure C8 will be hated to begin with and time to time it will be loved just like you said it will grow on us! I would keep the C7 and get a C8 myself 😝
fxu z
I'm buying it
I disagree the new lt1 with the shaker this isnt cool. Less isnt more plus the balance? Im.not interested. In c8
G Money
I say go for it, Robert. We have Chuck (918) taking us along on the ZR1 ride,
you can be our C8 source! It would be a helluva journey...
Tuxx Toys
When shifting what does that little blue line mean? Is that like a perfect shift or best time to shift?
Aidan Harvey
Personally I would get a low mileage z06 because or the value for performance
I have to imagine the c8 will be a 80k base price car. If that’s the case I’ll get a preowned C7. There should be plenty of them for sale when the C8 is available.
Are you slowing down with the amount of videos you make?
Luke Kerr
Go for the C8
Bob Mrkus
Get the car, I would like to.hear your opinion of the C 8.
Fred Childs
I will buy a C8 with a traditional LT push rod engine. Not a OHV euro type. Love the LT sound like #3 or #4.
Rounded tail lights would not go with the C7 body style, but I love the round lights, I think the C6 was the pinnacle of the Corvette line. C7 and the new ones look too much like Ferrari or Lamborghini, I love the flowing curvy lines, which you don't see in newer sports cars
I think it would be a big opportunity for your channel if you did. I say go for it.
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