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From Season 1 Episode 4 "Preggers", aired on September 23th, 2009.

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Sylla Atlas
Come on. If Burt had been shocked and thrown Kurt out, he wouldn't have deserved him. Like, how stupid can one be.
Bruce Weber
WOW. What a powerful scene. Love it.
Jaded Old Joe
Now there’s a kid that didn’t need to come out...

Seriously though, it amazes me that Burt’s reaction is commonplace for a parent hearing their kid is gay. I’m not gay and I don’t have kids, but who gives a shit? If you loved them before they came out, why’s it so hard to love them after? Nothing changed.
Obviously he had to already know. The audience knew immediately. His character would have looked incredibly stupid if he didn't already know. It's like when Clay Aiken came and was pretty much the last one to know.
But yall don't know about yes dear though???
Elle The Animator
"I'm gay"
"I know"
Lmfao that was brilliant
Every scene with Burt and Kurt was the highlight of glee for me
I Love Roger Meddows Taylor
Meanwhile if I come out as bisexual to my parents it'll probably be like : "no you're not, you just haven't found the right man"
Little Alex
I’m gay
I know
For your birthday you asked for heels......
Me: he came out without realising lol
Kali Burgos
Kurt's dad was the best
Алена Алексеева
i wish my mother was as accepting of my coming out as burt
What s sweet little face. 🌹🌈🌹
amy clarke
kh bh g cc dka sl 10 😁whats with his routine being gay i am straight and have one face routine
min t
I love how he says “that’s just how you are”, because considering so many people see it as a “disease” or something you can “change”, this is just a big statement that shows, being LGBT is part of you. It’s not something changeable or something you can turn on or off.

But being LGBT is not JUST you. Burt sees Kurt not just for his sexuality but also as his SON, a BOY, a KID, a KIND person, etc.
Brandon Holmin
I wish everybody was this accepting of the lbgt out there I support them.
Lorraine Van Loo
That was easy. I would support my daughter if she was a lesbian. But first shocked if. But after i would be okay
Old music 4 ever
Now that’s what you called a great father. Accept their kids for who they are and not trying to change them.
Bernie Casey
Great Dad - I couldn't be open with my dad, things are better today
Gerwin Opong
Just a change of topic: doe sanyone know what is Kurt/Chris Colfer's skin care routine is. The child is FLAWLESS
Dustin Bane
We need more dads like Burt in the world
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GLEE- Rachel Wants To Get A Nose GLEE- Kurt Comes Out To His Dad | Preggers 12 months ago   02:05

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