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Try Not To Laugh Challenge #4 - Aphmau's Dog Problems | Gaming Youtuber Invasion!! | The Sims - At Up-Tube.com

TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #4 - Aphmau's Dog Problems Gaming YouTuber Invasion!! | The Sims 3 months ago   10:14

Seriously tho, I have a pupper and he is so cute but god is he dumb sometimes. But I still love him because he's the best pupper, but he ran into a closed door the other day and I felt bad but he visibly SAW this door before he ran into it so.... I'm confused at why...? But he still cute tho.

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Comments 3494 Comments

Wolfia TheGreart
Kiwi~chan would have ship that man in women
Çâñdy Wølfy
Çâñdy Wølfy
Trường Phan Văn Trị
THEY WERE COOKING A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muffin girl
i like your rainbow plush
Oliver Erlandsson
Priscy H
2:37 when everyone gets homework and they’re like *SCREW IT NO HOMEWORK FOR ME TONIGHT*
Sabrina rose mills
No I don't want the ears I want the whole corgi
ImaTiger 44404
He tried talking her phone did any one see that lol
Rico Allensworth
Wow 😮 that dog 🐶 looks inquistormasters dog 🐶 omg 😯
Nature LPM
nightcore psycho
Conner McGregor
venessa joseph
4 lives left
Phill: "Bill only one strike talked to 100 women name something - feels very Doughboy and your ,an have in common." Bill: "Uuuh... Heh.. uhh... He's white!" Phill: *Laughing to death*
Wing Wu
i died waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Celeste Woodworth
The amount of lives you had left = 5 - 2. Good luck, Jess.
GatchaSavanah :3
Giggling and laughing are not the same
Iulia Tarko
lisa Cavazos
I want one of your phone cases but I don’t have enough 😢
Mark Taylor
I saw the room thing coming from the music is Ramos still made me laugh I'm still at three lives
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Gaming YouTuber Invasion!! | The Sims TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #4 - Aphmau's Dog Problems 3 months ago   18:10

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