Landmark opioid case settled Opioid Makers Pay $250 Million 2 days ago   01:47

Fox Business
FOX Business' Grady Trimble breaks down the opioid case settlement against drug makers marketing opioids, causing epidemic.

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Comments 76 Comments

G Sterling
The US Justice System has gone insane. At no point are any of these pharmaceutical companies selling to anyone abusing the drugs. The #1 buyer of opioids in the United States today is Medicare and is the top source of illicit drugs. Yet at no point is anyone prosecuting that program for over-prescribing drugs. Nor are the physicians writing out the prescription slips prosecuted.
Franklin Taylor
Lawyers rejoice!
David Hunt
Is anyone else bothered that the ones being punished are the ones whose specific job is to push medication and not the people in charge of safely applying them?
Tim Barbieri
It should have never gone to court. There's this thing called personal responsibility. pathetic victim mentality. Oh the big mean pharmaceutical companies were aggressively advertising....? I have zero sympathy for addicts.
Chella Taylor
Walgreens’s omg !
They are unreal !
I am a CPS. 24/7 all it does is makes ur pain, dull, so you have some sort of life !
Wall- green$ a few years ago, makes it very hard to get, if you don’t “” fit”” their profile.
Body cast, need to know what & why is wrong with you etc etc ! They treat you, like a “” stray with rabies “”. My Dr. is great ! He has gone to bat several times for his PT’S.
He follows the rules, No “” early refills,”” blood/ urinalysis tests, PT, eating correctly, etc etc ! I am blessed to have him.
Not ALL Dr.’s are pill pusher’s !
Pharmacy personnel need to fill ur script ‘s not know ur life history!!! As long as you the PT, follow ur Dr’s orders, you will be fine ! ! ! ✌️
I Am Troll
Pathetic. Needs to be executions.
Nancy Fontaine
I want people to go to prison. There's a double standard, And politician, lawyers, and judges, should be ashamed of themselves
Steven Corbin
Its the whole system thats corrupt. You know doctors getting kick back for perscribing drugs. Its just like polititions getting campiagn contributions for helping lobby groups.
Shawn Segaar-Bratsch
Well this sure isnt going to help lower drug costs. They are going to make up these losses on the backs of consumers...........
Elna Bjelland-Hughes
When they sue the drug manufacturers for manufacturing a drug that relieves pain and marketing that drug it shows how stupid lawmakers are .
It is not the drug makers fault that people get addicted - it is the person and the doctors who continue to prescribe a drug even though he suspects his patient is addicted!
If lawsuits against drug manufacturers continue they will stop manufacturing drugs that relieve pain for people who need it cancer patients postop patients, etc..
Opioids are prescribed short term - long term for patients with cancer and those with intractable pain . Anyone who has had surgery generally used opioids for 3 -4 days and should not require the opioids after that .
Drug manufactures have NOT caused the opioid crisis - the people themselves have caused it.
What is being done about the illegal manufacturing of fentanyl, heroin ,crack cocaine etc ?? NOTHING ! The ones who make the illegal drugs cannot be sued so nothing is being done to stop them .
That’s the government for you .
Let these pill company’s burn
The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) allowed all these bums to get insurance that don’t take care of themselves. Then when they have no self control over pain management we blame others for their actions. Should State Farm be forced to insure someone with multiple DUIs? No because they obviously have a problem. Same applies here. Thanks left wing.
beo wulf
Eagle Whitefeather01
Who is the money going to help? The lawyers?
Christopher Crawford
So these people had never known anyone to take opioids, never turned on a T.V, radio or read a newspaper since the mid nineties and also were prescribed opioids by a doctor who just told em, "Take these! There's no side effects or chance of addiction" ? This is a cash grab like a mother fucker.. How about personal responsibility? I have a bad back, I took em, I got hooked on em. I quit em. No one is to blame but me
Maria Silva
Are the U.S tax payers paying for these settlements? Of the PEOPLE always pay right? Again screwing U.S citizens over trillions of dollars....sick and evil people
Crimadella Phone
Sadly the prescription opioid crisis is a lie, so all I see this as is disgraceful. Make sure you research things before cheering it on, that's the same mistake the left is famous for.
Robert Sparkes

I’m not impressed 🧐
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Opioid Makers Pay $250 Million Landmark opioid case settled 2 days ago   01:51

Oct.21 -- The three largest U.S. drug wholesalers, plus a generic drug manufacturer, reached a deal worth more than $250 million to settle the first federal trial over the companies' role in the U.S. opioid epidemic. Bloomberg's Drew Armstrong reports on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."