UC DAVIS CAMPUS TOUR COLLEGE DECISION 2018! Are We Going 8 months ago   15:31

Samantha Aguirre
hello everyone...here's a campus tour of UC Davis. I tried to offer you the main parts of the campus, but there is sooo much more to see. O fyou would like a part two of some of the halls, dorms, dining commons, etc. let me know! This has been much awaited on my part, and I am super excited to share with all of you.

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Jose Diaz
Es un orgullo verte triunfar fuera de mi Patria Colombia
Eva Moncada-Sergian
Please do a downtown tour! I’m an incoming freshman and I would love to know what places to go to :)
Sickplayer Productions
I had no idea you went there
Phuong Nguyen
I just have visited UC Davis today. 😍
You forgot to tell everyone about the scumbag UC Davis Professor Clover who advocates the murdering of police officers.
Lteo Hrnt
Mankirat Singh
Please tell if anyone have knowledge about agriculture department at UC Davis
One Punch
Thank the gods for being able to choose to live in a dorm or not because that just bumped UC Davis to my top 3 choices out of 14
alyssalyn ursal
Can more people make quality campus tours like this? Thanks for the video!
i’m from new york and i really want to go to this college eventually
Amara Whitson
What’s the rule on small pets in the dorms like fish, snakes, turtles...
The Michoacana
I'm 14 and I really want to go to UC Davis for Vet science!I'm from a little town called Winnemucca in Nv so it would definitely be a change moving there
Julio César Perdomo
I went here for a semester in 1998 after I graduated high school but wasn't ready for college at the time and dropped out and joined the Army. 10 years I later went to University of Denver but I still remember UC Davis.. Good video
Yay!!!! I admitted !!!
That Chipmunk Face Had Me Dying of laugher 😂💀that was too funny 😂
Gabriela Cortes
cool i want too that school too helo from san bernandino rio vista elementery school
Xeyla Huinac
I got accepted to Davis 3 days ago! Scared of going away to college (I'm from LA) so agghhhhh!!!
Aj Bernardo
I just got accepted, pretty nice campus I’d say
Vanessa Jade
gosh I love UC Davis I went on a field trip last year and today and I wanna go there it’s soooo niceeee
Igor Strongylis
What do you study? Im intending to aim davis next year, I'm studying agronomical sciences at ufv, in brazil. You could show the entomology dep. :)
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COLLEGE DECISION 2018! Are We Going UC DAVIS CAMPUS TOUR 8 months ago   10:24

Brooklyn and I are Seniors and about to graduate high school, so it’s ABOUT TIME we finally announced our big college decision! Do you think we’ll go to the same university??? Watch the video to find out!

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Picking a University is not an easy task. So much thought goes into it when you consider all the options and variables out there. Although we are twins, Brooklyn and I both had different priorities when it came down to picking the right school for us individually. It is true.

First, we narrowed our list down to our Top 6 schools... Stanford, Texas, Baylor, BYU, Texas A&M, and Harding! We threw in Hogwarts just for fun!

Seriously though, each of these schools has its own unique charm and qualities. They have distinct campuses, diverse programs, fun traditions, and amazing student life. We were looking for a university that will provide us with the best path forward in the business world and enhance our knowledge and skill sets while also considering our profession.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship are both degree tracks that are appealing to the both of us, and many of these schools have them. For me, when I laid it all in the balance alongside the scholarships that were awarded to us, it really became an easier choice. The university and its tradition, along with its successful graduates, alumni network, wonderful faculty and administration made all the difference in my decision. Brooklyn made her own decision in much the same way.

WHERE WILL WE BE GOING TO COLLEGE??? Together or separate? Please be sure to click the "🔔" next to the SUBSCRIBE button, to join our Notification #BBSquad for #PowerHour each week, and comment below if you guessed our university of choice correctly!

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