Exploring Busan + I ATE 산낙지 (LIVE Eating Live Octopus at Noryangjin 2 days ago   04:36

16. went down to Busan last weekend during Chuseok! AND I FINALLY ATE LIVE OCTOPUS! I was kinda looking forward to feeling it stick to my cheeks and stuff.. but I was super nervous and ended up chewing really fast and thorough to make sure it didn’t stick to my esophagus and KILL ME! while editing this video I realized how dramatic I made the whole experience. lol. but anyway, that was my first time in Busan and it was beautiful, loved it!

have a greatttt daaaayyy

Song 1: Tony’s Belated Breakfast (Chillhop music)
Song 2: Oneiroi (Evil Needle)
Camera: sonya500
IG / SC : ewnett

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Chubs Zawsze163ᄌ
OMO you ate it😥😨😨😰😱
that cafe was so pretty!! what was it called? (going to busan next month hehe)
What do you use to edit your videos?
Riah M.
I have a question. I want to teach English in South Korea, to be in a classroom do you have to know Korean? How much Korean do you know? And what part of Korea do you live in?
Andre the A&P
I'm trying to be one of those Americans living abroad so been looking at Korea and Japan, love both places. Lived in Japan for a year long ago and want to go back to Asia
Thanh Quach
pretty girl u are :P
Gil C
more videos please :)
hahaha. so what did you do with the rest of that live octopus? 👀
Your so beautiful!!! Please upload more vlogs (:
You are so beautiful. I don't think i've ever seen a more beautiful woman. Unbelievably gorgeous.
Loved it hun! Btw, you're a superstar for trying octopus.
Let Gim
Sooo lovely😍
Jay Delon
I won't die? Not what you wanna be thinking right before you eat something lol!
Kitty Lai
This vlog is awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Busan was amazing! Where are you planning to next? 😏
barbarita randich
You dance in 1 million dance studio ?
Kayla Campbell
1:44 now hold up. Is that what i think it is?!!
Severn Daichi
Damn, that was so brave!! I could not put anything alive in my mouth so props to you lol
መሬም ወሎ ቦረና Tube
Omg 😱 😱
Dereje Birhanu
Enamesgenale ....
Farija Ali
Thank you 💖
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Eating Live Octopus at Noryangjin Exploring Busan + I ATE 산낙지 (LIVE 2 days ago   05:02

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