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Tribeca Film Festival - Reasons To Be Excited (2015) - Film Festival Video HD

Here are five reasons to be excited for this year's Tribeca Film Festival:

1. Mojave
2. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
3. Maggie
4. Director Panels
5. Goodfellas

Check out our 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Playlist:

"Not Gettin Enough" (Instrumental) by Oliver Price, Kirsten Symonds and Roscoe Williamson
"New Order" (Ambient) by Dave Randel, Bruce Fingers and Billie Ray Fingers
"Junk Rock" by Lawrence Rudd, Daniel Mark Farrant, Tristian Keyte
"Scared of Shadows" by Oliver Jackson
"Tarantella" by Giullari di Piazza

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Alicia on festival - that should be a thing
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TriBeCa Film Festival.... Franny Tribeca Film Festival - Reasons 4 months ago   15:52

Franny - A philanthropist meddles in the lives of newly-married couples in an attempt to relive his past.