Why is the 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat Can a V8 Still Compete in a Turbocharged World? 1 day ago   21:11

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The 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat EcoBoost is the truck that proves you can have it all. Straight from the Raptor is a detuned 3.5L V6 twin-turbocharged engine putting out 375HP, mated to the 10-speed automatic gearbox. Find out more about how the Lariat is the perfect option for style, performance and comfort!

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Know your stuff before you make a video lol
Mitchell Kasdin
Upped the game on the price. $60,000 for a f150 pickup? It sounds like you don’t own a Ford F-150. $60k is too much cash to use as a work truck?? I wouldn’t recommend the tan interior unless you like cleaning. My 150 has 250k mikes. The Triton 5.4 3 valve started knocking at 75,00 miles. It still runs but burns some oil. On the original motor. Had to rebuild the upper and lower a-arms. Stuck Borg-Warner problem solver aluminum hD arms and genuine motorcraft ball joints. Stuck Billstein shocks around 4 corners. I’m thinking that this ecoboost 3.5 liter will likely get abused like the Triton. Run full synthetic motor oil and change at 5k 7,500 mile interval. I’m planning on yanking the exhaust and running a Borla exhaust cat -back.
My opinion the 2019 XLT interior looks cheap with the front panel made of plastic. The Dodge Ram is nicer. Incidentally the Ford engineers aren’t that great. If they were the trucks would have a hybrid or similar power plant to augment the conventional oil burner. It took Rivian and Tesla to reinvent the auto industry. Mostly Tesla. The Big three US automakers did nothing but pump out ICE vehicles.
julius jones
My BMW is faster
Stupid, lazy commercial. At least get your facts right when you hype a vehicle for money.
Sorry, I will buy NO truck without a V8, like my Toyota has. Turbocharged = Lower Engine life.
You talk way to much about nothing
Little Edward
Great truck but I prefer the 5.0 coyote because of it's higher reliability
It's called a Supercrew cab, not a Super cab, the retractable steps at the front of the bed are deployed and retracted using your feet, not your hands. It's still an ecoboost, I'd rather have a Coyote.
I love it my F150 center console can feed a family of 10 🤣😂😅, that should be in a commercial THE F150 the only center console Grandma trust to put her Thanksgiving Day turkey in 👍
Timothy Ryan
The F series has been around since 1948. That's a bit longer than 41 years. That's a super crew, not a super cab. Come on Man ,do your homework.
Jay ochoa
Dude I hate that fucking gear shifter my uncle has one and it doesn’t feel like truck wise
Nitro Nate
i have a 2016 blue flame lariat. owned it 3 years now. love it
moy hernandez
no sirve en la subida ford f -150
John Green
With them options, not 60K where I live. Waiting on the annual sale to see now. Have always liked Ford trucks....
I bought one in magma red. It's awesome.
Andrew Moses
Donald Martin
Vehicle payments equivalent to a house mortgage.........WOW
Robert Allen
Only thing i don't like is the headlights your opnion ?
steven cary
I like to see a supercab
Michael Obama
Joe could you tell a difference on the power/ride etc with this lariat compared to the limited? Please note the ride and power handling etc differences. Ty sir great video.
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Can a V8 Still Compete in a Turbocharged World? Why is the 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat 1 day ago   14:58

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