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Lonzo Ball Shocks His Baby | Carmelo Anthony Signing With - At Up-Tube.com

Lonzo Ball SHOCKS His Baby Carmelo Anthony Signing With 7 months ago   01:46

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Comments 778 Comments

You no know about basketball because Lonzo no have daughter
European American
❤ LOVING this ZO and that pass though...
Isabella Saldana
Lonzo has to fix how he shoots the ball
Athlete- 4Life
Lonzo sux and if he tries he'll probably be better than jokam noah
Dave Chapel
Lonzo ball sucks
Team Flight
That girl wants a piece of that pie so bad..........smh but u just told the world he's not a good dad
FaZe Chato
0:20 anybody notice the ball hit Javale Mcgee in the face after the block😂
Judah Mourneth
You know what’s the crazy part. You are the seed of your father. His daughter is a so called black.
Angela Reyes
This is legit. Walang mawawala kundi subukan like me. Naka $200 nako 2hrs pa lng http://WorkforCompany.com/?userid=31752
Motor Sportz
Baby looks just like him...NOT!
daifah muldrow
Best bust ever pause
Talha Barut
Tell me more about how he "pranked" them? 🙃
Guido Hizon
Lonzo plays well when he’s in the trade rumors.
He sacrificed McGee for that ball ...but McGee took it like a champ and didn’t mind
Man that crowd was feeling that
Mr Concited
Am I the only one worried about the babies ears
Popoy Sapwet
Thats a pass for assist from mcgee
Abdul A.
0:15 am I the only one who saw that lebron and rondo's head moved at the exact same time 🤣
garvin bartholomew
Lebron call them in like he is the coach
marco solis
that bitch dont even know what going on lmao
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Carmelo Anthony Signing With Lonzo Ball SHOCKS His Baby 7 months ago   04:30

In this SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at Carmelo Anthony parting ways with the Houston Rockets after playing only 10 games this season. Forming a trio alongside James Harden and Chris Paul was ultimately not the right decision as said by coach Mike D'Antoni. With the Los Angeles Lakers continuing to dominate over recent weeks led by LeBron James, he was recently asked in an interview what exactly he thought about Carmelo joining alongside him, Lonzo Ball and the rest of the young talent and veteran leadership on the Los Angeles Lakers.

#NBA #CarmeloAnthony #Lakers