Celebrities Who Are Much Poorer Than The Untold Lives Of The Spanish Royal 1 year ago   04:22

Nicki Swift
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From a distance, the celebrity life seems pretty sweet. But being a household name doesn't always go hand in hand with having a lot of money. Check out how much these stars are carrying in 2016, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and how they lost their millions...

Kelly Rutherford | 0:24
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt | 0:49
Janice Dickinson | 1:28
Lauryn Hill | 2:01
Gary Busey | 2:26
Kate Gosselin | 2:51
Sinbad | 3:34

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veronica kidziak
Imagine being a mother and not only loose custody of your own children, but also whole world knows about it. Devastating
Randell Zirkle
Hell i wish i could run into debt that much.. Hell i have a drywall patent and i cant even get a loan to make millions...
Dan Hill
Trump 20/20 britches
Bella Bijou
I’m worth minus $4000. And still living large. Nowhere else but America
Damn, I’m richer than Lauryn Hill and she has the highest net worth on this list.
kim wiser
The same thing happens to professional athletes. They never think the money will stop coming in.
ReadyTo SaveIt
dunno whoANY of these poor people are...
Willy Wong
Hanah Kush
What goes up, must come down.
John Abramyan
Sad. I feel sorry for every one of these talented performers.I hope it will work out for them. The luck has a way of changing tor the better sometimes.
Juju Rellama
put me on the CNN panel, I ll run Fredo into the ground, and I ll be famous forever
Juju Rellama
the honest ones are poor, we all know it
Okram Vinci
Janice Dickinson now looks like Caitlin Jenner, atleast his full on female version...
Paul Davidson
taxation is theft
Sam Pablo
Add Stacey Dash to the list.
Richard Johnson
don't ask for your money you can get lost
Ayran Hudson
*the refugees
Sam Milun
janice Dickinson looks like chris Jenner
Raymond St Paul
I don't understand how someone can that much money an blow it away for the illusion of celebrity status? Have these people ever lived on a budget?
In Kate Gosselin's case that is really a situation where two regular (to low) looking people's lives got ruined by fame and fortune. The way she looks like now is nothing like she did. She is proud to say she saved money for the kids college fund? A month worth of episodes could cother all those kids' college, so where did all the years' worth of episode money go? I know! She is wearing most of it. New hair, new teeth, new boobs, designer clothes. Coupons alone are not going to help you save as much as the fakeness. With stardome, money and redos, they both started to see that they could do better.... when in reality they are just two pathetic similar fools.
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The Untold Lives Of The Spanish Royal Celebrities Who Are Much Poorer Than 1 year ago   10:24

Everything You Need To Know About The Spanish Royal Family
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When you think of modern day royalty, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and their princes usually come to mind. But did you know there are twenty-five other royal families? Did you also know that Britain isn’t even the wealthiest of these european royal families? That’s right, Britain doesn’t even hold the number one spot for wealth. Not only that, but Princess Kate and Meghan and Prince Harry and William are exactly that when compared to other royal european families - princesses and princes! When we look at the royal family of Spain we’re not sure if we’re watching an episode of the Kardashian’s or a session with Dr. Phil. One thing's for certain though, this royal family is anything but conservative and scandal free. Stay tuned right here to find out all about the untold lives of the Spanish Royal family. From illegitimate children to public family feuds, find out why we think the Spanish Royal family deserves a bigger spot in the limelight!


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