Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports Footballers who saved their opponents' 5 months ago   04:44

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Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports

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Reid Gaming
1:37 no ones gonna talk about the blood on his forehead?
Now I remember how I lost the baseball a baseball player on the New York Yankees gave me
TorNaNDoo -Torny
These people are so noce
graninjaboy J
I disliked because I didn’t cry
0:51 when you get away with cheating on a test
This is what makes this world a good place to be!
Floofer Pupper
I came for the ass on the thumbnail
Igor Vlahovic
Song ?
Emily Gorst
That tennis one looked so fake 😂
Wakka Rexo
3:20 that man broke through security to help the runner. That man turned out to be the runner’s father.
I don’t even know but I once went to New York
1:37 does anyone care about the guy on the left who’s had his head sliced open
Copper Mile Arts
im sure they realize it makes them look good. and its cooler when the loser comes to the winner and shows respect. its easy to show respect when you won. in fact its selfish to go up to the loser SOMETIMES. you get the win and the moral high ground.
Petra Kovács
Drei i live you❤❤
Albin Mickelsson
0:58 When u DESTROY that Guy who is lika a gamer and is sooo good at it
mamma mann
Edmur Júlio
Jon Thorn
If you didn’t cry, you have no soul
susana lagradas
so so funny thanks to facebook
Big Unit
The background music makes this video even greater.
__Dark.lies.sweet.fries_ _
My faith in humanity is restored:)
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Footballers who saved their opponents' Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports 5 months ago   08:39

Serge Aurier- Ivory Coast vs Mali

Jaba Kankava saves Oleg Gusev

Abdulraheem Jezawi goes down and is rescued by the quick response of the paramedics.

Kone saves Martin Berkovec