Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports 10 Lovely Fair Play and Beautiful 2 months ago   04:44

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Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports

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By Ender Güney

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Sandeep Das
You cant be a sports man without a sportsman-spirit
These people are all legends
Mayla Vitoria
Olivia Luhrman
I feel bad for the one guy at the soccer one where two guys fell and they only helped one of the two.....that was sad he was in pain..I think ☹️
jacob hurt
Great people great respect
alex gibbs
That kid at :58 was awesome
John Mal
Jesus! Almost made me cry! Lol
KD-Roots Fortnite channel
Selling replays 2:28

Yes I liked my own comment sry
fluffy fox
Sie sehen gerade das ergreifenste Video ihres Lebens.
Michael H
He is my opponent; not my enemy :-)
Bethany Buchanan
My heart ❤️
Predwards 89
When people help one another. We ALL win
While I understand giving yourself a handicap, sometimes I think it can be seen as disrespectful to let somebody win due to a disability, as it makes the work they put into it seem mean less. I'm on both sides of this, though.
6.7k bad sports disliked
Steve B
Love this stuff !!!
Diego Sanchez is the goat of making peop0e cry
Timmy Siping
the second one was just the guy trying to show to crowd he jump the net lmao jk good guy
Lala Addas
Some people are good.
First Last
People comment about these type of videos restore their faith in humanity....these videos are examples of what being human is. We're all mostly trying hard to not be a piece of shit. I suggest y'all do the same! Power to the good people and may god help those living a hell bound life.
He He
Man if only I had a soul I’d probably be shedding a tear right now
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10 Lovely Fair Play and Beautiful Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports 2 months ago   04:37


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