Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports 10 Lovely Fair Play and Beautiful 5 months ago   04:44

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Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports

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By Ender Güney

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Mohammed Ayaan Ahmed 6
If these people don’t get respect than I don’t know what will
What’s it 2 ya
Beautiful! No one understands the heart of the Athlete like the Athlete.
[HH]General Burkhalter
Respect +1000
Pedro Garcia
Truly one of the best videos that I've seen in awhile keep up the good work it was awesome.
Johnathan Wadsworth
Thats awsome ☺
Fortnut_ Gaming
my grandpa just passed away from cancer. 😢 this brought a small smile to my face
TXN Alliance
As you see some of them are track so I would of let the helping person win
Sangga Tirakat
I cried 😥
Johnny Garcia
The song link doesn't work
Brandon Daniels
Faith in humanity temporarily restored
Андрей Николаев
I think that moment with fighter with down syndrome is terrible. If u give way to somebody u don't respect him and don't think that he or she equal enough.
There is beautiful moment in "Scrubs" when hospital team play basketball vs people with functional limitations and Terk was only person who do their best to win and then his opponents pay respect him a lot.
If i were this fighter i will proud of my lose if my opponent do their best to beat me and it will confuse me if he will give up or give way.
sue brazeau
Wow 😮 God bless!
The music really put me over the edge. God damn my eyes are sweaty
my god that kids happiness is gold
Jeka Hmel
В жизни всегда есть место для поступка...а вот какого,каждый выбирает сам...
sinan -G ツ
Internet for free omg lock my Video
For those of you who don't know the clip at 3:15 that guy who helped him was his dad
I need to watch these types of videos every once in a while to restore my faith in humanity
BentS The GentS
After watching some douchebags being douchebags in sports...

This is what I need..
This is how sport needs to be
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10 Lovely Fair Play and Beautiful Inspiring Moments Of Respect In Sports 5 months ago   04:37


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