How To Make RC Car(Jeep Wrangler) Amazing WOW! Super RC Jeep Wrangler 1 day ago   14:24

How To Make RC Car(Jeep Wrangler) - Amazing Cardboard Car DIY

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Piyan Elvani
Piyan Elvani
Dinamune enek loro
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Mosokk gor di pencet ting langsung jadi
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Kerdus apa kook bisaa kandel
Maniram sahai
Very difficult
HT Antor Vn
comendy super star
please ertiga make
Petros Komninos
such a very nice idea, you can make some models for room design and paint em or carbon
Jonas Dcosta
Can you make Jeep campass limited 4x4 for my little brother
Digjoy mohali
Pic bord skater name
Hugo Patricio Sánchez Parra
apple Book
ممكن تنشر مخطط القياسات بالسانتمتر
Jonas Dcosta
Can you do Jeep campass limited 4x4 for my little brother
Smart Control
your hand work is very good at other youtube channel
Street Food
very good and very nice
Shaikh Siraj
Aagey ki machine ki link do na
Tobi O
What type of glue is that
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WOW! Super RC Jeep Wrangler How To Make RC Car(Jeep Wrangler) Amazing 1 day ago   21:11

This video show you amazing RC Jeep Rubicon Car. Build from Cardboard, Battery, and DC Motors. This is an Amazing American 4X4 adventure off road car. I hope you everyone like this Car and have fun with it.
Thank for watching!!
Material Use in this Jeep Rubicon

Thin Aluminium seat (For use chassis or axial)
2 Dc Motors (3 volt each)
RC 2.5 ghz radio control circuit card (You Can Buy Online)
Servo Motor for left or right
4.7 v Chargeable Battery
6 led bulbs (2 White for front light, 4 Red for dipper)
Reflecting film for coloring this car

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