Skinny elephant withdrawn from Heiyantuduwa Raja (Elephant) 1 day ago   00:42

In Sri Lanka, a 70-year-old elephant was withdrawn from a much-anticipated festival following a social media storm. Tikiri was paraded in the Kandy city parade wearing elaborate clothing. But her skinny frame raised an uproar online with activists saying she was undernourished.

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Navajyoti Das
Sri Lanka Very bad country....filled with cruel people.
Pat Steeds
Stop taking holidays in Sri Lanka and stop encouraging the people of Siri Lanka by watching
this barbaric treatment of elephants .
The people who do this to these animals need locking up for a very very long time
What sort of country and people are these who would let an animal, any animal be treated to this appalling treatment.
Shame on all of you.
Inggitina Sasmaya
Helle Dahl Kristensen
Its not beeing withdrawn,and restet, she is being tortured aging as soon she stands up, show us some proof that this given food and medicine,and cared for and permently drawn away from this cruelty, the owner should be chained and in prison for life
Arctic Seraph
Is PETA doing anything about this?
Tormund Gaint
The owner should be in prison. How can you treat a living thing like this? I thought Buddhism was peaceful and kind religion 😡😡
She should be in a sanctuary.. not with the man who let her become like this...
Genevieve Marceau
Poor elephant I'm so happy it's gonna get help and rest
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Heiyantuduwa Raja (Elephant) Skinny elephant withdrawn from 1 day ago   04:01

Heiyantuduwa Raja (Sinhala:හෙයියන්තුඩුවේ රාජා) was a Sri Lankan elephant, which carried the Relic of the tooth of the Buddha casket in the Dalada Perahera for 11 years after the demise of Maligawa Raja. Heiyantuduwa Raja's tusks were each 7 ft 6 in (2.3 m) in length when he was living and it was considered as one of the longest-tusked elephants in the country.