DEONTAY WILDER VS TYSON FURY Tyson Fury full one-on-one 3 months ago   04:54

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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Highlights, the overview of the full fight Wilder v Fury, when Deontay Wilder defended his WBC title against Tyson Fury. Many believed that Fury won, but Wilder got two knockdowns in the 9th and 12th round to even up the scorecards.

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Comments 1978 Comments

Japox 33
When they want to save boxer's ass go with draw. Fury v wilder draw. Ggg vs Canelo draw. Boxing is dead!
dom ari
Somewhere between the draw and Wilder winning it. Fury didn't do well enough to win, but Wilder did. Fury's comeback was great, no argument there. The draw may be bit staged.
Longinos Ruvalcaba
he got nocked down twice that is a shame, how can he say he won ?
Maverick Amaru
Wilder bronze bomber best ever 😊 bomb squad
thomas addis
Could someone please explain to me how fighters like Fury and many others don’t bother losing all that excess weight surely it would help them
ziomeklucek luc88
when joshua will fight with wilder it s be a same fight like berbick tyson berbick is joshua tyson is wilder wilder will kill joshua
Helen Daviau
Fury got up like his girl came home early from
Dion Isaiah
Well they are fighting a rematch on the 18th of May and I can't wait!!!!
Robert Peck
Too bad Tyson couldn't avoid that first knockdown. He would have taken that win
miguel Vasquez
I think wilder won
Nelson Varoni
Repito esta pelea la perdió Tyson Fury porque beso la lona y no tiene derecho a reclamar por más que su boxeo sea un poquito más vistoso .
Mason Abraham
Was this a pro or amateur.This is not Olympics.Fury talk too much before the fight.Well after bout he was different.Mmm I wonder.He was Knocked out twice not once.From KO suddenly his attention went to the SCORECARDS.Now after a couple of months is like Fury became SILENCE IS GOLDEN or back to religious beliefs.Firstly we wanted a fairytale after a comeback but now I don't think so.Till now is so difficult to forget why the amount of TRASH TALK by Fury.
Atul Tripathi
Who is here after watching mensutra
A fully fit Fury will destroy everyone in the heavy weight division.Hel hold all the belts in two years time.
Nukran Amalik
Wilder win
Clay Pollock
We all know who the better boxer is(fury). And we all know who punches harder.(Wilder)
Boxing low key is all about race like it or not. I am from the south and throw partys to watch a lot of the boxing/Ufc fights. Never fails me who is going for who...we still have a great time and have fun but low key its whites with whites and blacks with blacks...mexicans with mexicans....then theres pac man...everyone likes him. Its just something i notice... True boxing fans appreiate the skill and the hard work such as myself.
Alexandra Nterai
Wilder is the biggest bum in boxing
Daithe de paore
Both are amazing .Tyson fury is a wonderful example of the sweet science and Deontay is a KO specialist.The idea that deontay has to be a certain way is nonsense , he is great to watch and bets it all on the Right..he has only ever lost once.This fight.It will be a great rematch but a bad move for deontay as fighting AJ is his best option. Regardless I have great respect for both men as they both showed class and guts!
Justin Peterson
Big Wilder fan. Fury was robbed. Boring fight, except for the last round. Hope the rematch is better.
Respect to both men.
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Tyson Fury full one-on-one DEONTAY WILDER VS TYSON FURY 3 months ago   05:01

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We sat down with Tyson Fury to see how he was getting following his 12-round epic battle with Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles. He was his jovial self.

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