DEONTAY WILDER VS TYSON FURY Tyson Fury full one-on-one 6 months ago   04:54

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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Highlights, the overview of the full fight Wilder v Fury, when Deontay Wilder defended his WBC title against Tyson Fury. Many believed that Fury won, but Wilder got two knockdowns in the 9th and 12th round to even up the scorecards.

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Comments 1978 Comments

dark monnelly
Next time Fury will be 20 pounds lighter, Wilder will hopefully have learnt to throw more combo's than a 1-2. Should be a great fight then!
Keith Bell
Tyson out boxed wilder
Mike Rhoads
Deontay Wilder won that fight Tyson Fury lost hands down he didn't hit him with sending the cat blows like fiery like Dante Wilder
Lath Nowlan
Wilder won the match end of story.
danko jones
Wilder is like a mad child, typical of his "type". Screaming "I promise you I promise you" holy f no brain or tact, class, nothing. Just another hood rat.
James Abdullah Wang
Fury is the most boring heavyweight of all time
jose bermudez
the mayate is
Barry Bryant
C'mon you know you got to knock the champion out or at best beat him up in order to take his belt. dude got drop twice. This isnt a Don King match.
Aubrey Gaither
Joshua needs to step up and fight Fury or Wilder. Joshua is ducking right now..
Antonio Delgado
Tyson fury is a Gangstaaa !
Jerry Atrix
Love both these fighters
Happy Arnold
Fury dominated Wilder for 12 rounds with Wilder having about 20 seconds of noteworthy performance.
Pedro Rodriguez
Fury won that shit
Dee Jay
Outboxed Where!?!?!?! TF
Danny Hicks
While the draw was heartbraking man as a Fury fan and I know he won that fight,but thank God it was at least a Draw not an outright robbery, that woulda just been totally messed up.
Danny Hicks
Amazing fight,and arguably the best comeback in modern boxing history,Wilders words were so so damn true- you need to be perfect all 12 rounds for 40 minutes...all i need is 2 seconds" prophetic words there,that being said Fury was perfect for 10 out of 12 rounds mathematically speasking he won this fight period, and how he got up from that in round 12 was astonishing, and no there was no fuckin long count people pulling that hsit are pathetic, great fight by both,Fury won,but Wilder shook him and almost certainly got in his head a bit and while il take Fury to win a rematch if/when it happens, Fury now knows in the back of his mind all it takes is one shot from a freak like Wilder,I wish them both the best and cant wait to see them all hopefully face eachother some more.the only 3 boxers who can potentially-or demonstrably in Furys case last december- outbox Wilder are Ortiz-for a very limited time given his age- and of ocurse Joshua and Fury.....but thats only if there standing by the final bell,Wilder hits like a heavyweight Tommy Hearns man, its the real deal his power,and his improvement the past 5 years has been very impressive, like him or not,he deserves credit, and Fury damn sure deserved credit for this incredible legendary come back,and yes he did win this fight.But will have to see if that punch took something out of Fury we shall see, also yeah watching him get up was fuckin nuts man,amazing shit and will power by Fury.And great shot by Wilder.
Copper Born
He beat fury
A . R
If these guys Fort Mike Tyson of the late 80s ... it would’ve been good night after 2–3 rounds every time!! Mike Tyson is the ultimate boxer the world have ever seen
Boxing scores for major fights are always rigged. Sadly no one will ever know who actually won.
Mustafa Muhammad
Wilder won, no doubt
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Tyson Fury full one-on-one DEONTAY WILDER VS TYSON FURY 6 months ago   05:01

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We sat down with Tyson Fury to see how he was getting following his 12-round epic battle with Deontay Wilder in Los Angeles. He was his jovial self.

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