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2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review | 2018 Chevrolet Colorado - Fuel - At Up-Tube.com

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review 2018 Chevrolet Colorado - Fuel 5 months ago   02:57

This Chevrolet Colorado video review includes information about its extended and crew cab styles, two different bed lengths, the fuel economy and tow ratings of its engines, and the usability of its interior.

For more information, read the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado review (http://www.edmunds.com/chevrolet/colorado/2015/?tab-id=reviews-tab).

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Comments 32 Comments

i want the 2.5 liter Inline-4  Extended Cab (6 ft. 2" bed) either 2015 or 2016.  but what's the payload on it??
Vincent Chen
I think it is perfect. I don't want to spent 60,000 large on a truck. It is getting silly. Yes trucks are no longer just the work machine of man. It is a luxury fashion statement, and has all the toys and leather to prove it. I think I would love the Z71 4 x 4 Colorado. It has just what i am looking for. Capability, and a price that is almost sensible again.
Throw in a 200k warranty and I will buy it.
McSlama Jama
I've been a life long Ford fan but Ford wanted to be dumb and stop selling rangers in America, this will be my next truck when my ranger gives out. It's still going strong though so idk when Lol
Great looking truck, but for the top of the line, Z71, $36K is simply way too much for it. In 5 years with depreciation I'd bet you'd lose is at least $18-20K with only 75K miles on it, you can get a great late model used Silverado for well under $36K still with the factory warranty. 
You know... I used to have a Tacoma (before my husband wrecked it) and it was an amazing truck.  Incredibly reliable, relatively fuel-efficient... absolutely nothing rattled.  It did everything we asked it to do, and then some.  Why would I want to buy a Chevy or GMC... especially at the prices they are listed at?  Toyota is introducing an updated Tacoma for 2016, and they will have my vote - AGAIN.
danny blackhorse
Toyota is hardly ancient, the TRD suspension is awesome, absorbs everything.  I've been in all the new trucks, all top of the line models, shopping for two years.  I had a 2004 GMC Sierra, so I tried all the top of the line models to try to replace it.   But I live in pothole infested roads and wanted a better suspension.  The only comparable truck is the Raptor but its too big.  The Tacoma even beats the Raptors approach angle 35 vs 30 for the Raptor.  The GM twins only 17 for an approach angle, completely useless truck, even my Sierra was too low, wrecked the bumper twice. Only kept the full size because it had great manoeuvrability with Quadrasteer.

Also, its a lie in this video that the gas pedal is responsive or misrepresented because he states its more responsive than a full sized GM that has an even lazier gas pedal.  The Tacoma is a lot easier to drive and position in traffic with a way better responsive gas pedal, but I guess that's ancient technology to have a truck that responds well.

Tacoma also outsold the GM twins so they are obviously NOT the clear winner in this segment.  All the top of the line trucks I looked at were too big including the Raptor.  As soon as I drove the 2015 TRD Tacoma I was sold. Maneuvered well with a family friendly low "step in" with gobs of clearance, with an awesome suspension package and 4 true doors for the family.

A substantial amount of truck owners off road so GM lost all those buyers right of the hop because they will wreck the bumper on these things even with the air dam removed. Especially for lifestyler's who want to go camping, etc.  There are also a lot of truck buyers who at least want their truck to look off road capable regardless of whether or not they off road. The look of a truck will sell itself sometimes so GM lost a lot of buyers with this low bumper and it shows.  Tacoma is still the leading truck in this segment regardless.

Besides that Tacoma has ancient traditional higher resale value and ancient proven reliability.  You can't even go into a steep driveway transition with this GM truck without damaging that bumper, pull up to a curb and worry, worry, worry about that low bumper. Makes it very impracticable for buying a truck for a lot of buyers.

Everyone tighten your wallets because GM will be looking for a bailout again.
Peter Tran
I don't like that there are no longer any compact regular cab trucks available...
What makes more sense for your lifestyle - The Colorado or the Silverado?
I want it but cant afford it, stupid college with their inflated prices! LOL
No one will care until they drop the diesel in it here in the states. No sense going small when a 1500 Ram EcoDiesel can get better fuel economy and capabilities (all for a price not too far off).

Also, Chevy needs to just steal any other trucks interior. None of their trims compete withe Ford, Ram, or Toyotas interiors.
Jf Darcy
Waiting for the diesel. And hopefully a ZR2 if I can get it in crew cab with the Short box.
Yeah, so I was waiting for James (who sounds a tad hoarse) to talk about the diesel. I looked it up and speculation says 2016. Don't know if I can/should wait that long.
Waiting for the diesal version to come out
That base price seems great. Now fully loaded, I don't think so any more.
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2018 Chevrolet Colorado - Fuel 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review 5 months ago   05:39

We test the fuel economy on the 2018 Chevy Colorado V6.

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