Jamaican Accent - Learn fi "Talk 5 months ago   06:58

I'sha Prendy
A quick lesson on how to talk like a Jamaican
Feel free ask questions about the Jamaican dialect or facts about my island home.
"Island Girl overseas" - I'sha Prendy

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I'sha Prendy
Hello Guys . Thank you very much for watching . I will be doing another video soon. Have questions or need translations ? Send me a video message to my Facebook page @ishaprendy . You will possibly be featured in my next video 😁uno nice eh! Tanks fi watch me video dem yow ! Big up uno self.
Divine Infinite
I’m obsessed with Caribbean accents
Alec Nacion
... dope.
Clive Sweet
Girl you need to change the batteries in yo damn smoke detectors. Chirp. Chirp. lol
Tosin Fayanju
Just little bit diff from pidgin English in Nigeria
Prime time Kid #1
Chris Opium
Taun Jameson
I have sooo much to learn from you !
i love her smile💕
Malichi Bailey
Stop teach dem our pussycloth language
Ascent Solutions
Thats like Nigerian pidgin
Otto acevedo
Love your explanation
omg i love Jamaican accents!
Guru Chuckle
Very good video, me tank yo much. My wife is from Guyana and it took me 3 years to understand jokes when 'da famly dem ga togetder'...
Tanks agen...
Xx_loko killer_xX
Me like tha video
Xx_loko killer_xX
Hi i can understand and talk enlish but not jamaican can you ask some normal english tings and then say them in jamaican?😚
thx so much, this helped a lot!!! my great grandmother was jamaican & we couldn't understand what she was sayin'... my grandmother had to break it down for us, i've ALWAYS wanted to speak jamaican... i do know how to speak gullah or geechee; so it really sounds close to that... thx again, much love and respect... Big up uno self.!!!
that sounds close to gullah or geechee as we call it...
Geavon Tbh
Do more
Mr Simmons
What does deh mean ?
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