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I'sha Prendy
A quick lesson on how to talk like a Jamaican
Feel free ask questions about the Jamaican dialect or facts about my island home.
"Island Girl overseas" - I'sha Prendy

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Jamaican Creole, Sierra Leon Krio, Nigerian pidgin have similarities to the English Creole Gullah. The word 'be" is used in place of is. In Gullah spoken by a small group of black Americans they say "we" instead of us.
Sun Day
Weh de book ting mon
Davion Mclean
At least she still has her patwa unlike some Jamaicans in foreign country.
A class mate send this to me because I live in Europe but my dad is Jamaican and I lived in Jamaica until I was 5 ( I am still there every other holiday) and everytime I speak English in class it just starts a debat on how jamican accent is literally another language and that nobody understands a word I say. It just turned into a inside joke
But honestley I never realised that its such a diffrence to American accents I only hear it when I am back in Europe
Peter Tosh
Great video. I love Jamaican patwah and decided to learn it too last year. I watched several youtube videos but it was still quite difficult to understand what they said in their songs. I also searched Google and used translators. They helped abit, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to be able to speak the patwah myself with a good accent. I wanted to impress my Jamaican friends both on social media and the ones in my school. They always discussed and I hear nothing; but I was in love with the way they spoke.After some time, I came across an ebook on a site which was promising. It had a full dictionary of Jamaican - English words, spelling, pronunciation, tense and plural formation drills. Then it also had some notes on Jamaican culture, cuisine etc (definitely for people planning to visit). Very useful a book it was. Best of all, it was only $2. I paid using PayPal and downloaded the pdf. Though I still later on printed it out, as I don't enjoy reading from a screen.With only 2 months of use, my Jamaican friends were surprised. I understood them well, and we hardly even communicate using english again. Everyone is surprised with me.‎ I now listen to my favorite Jamaican artists songs with ease and I must admit; it's fun!You too can be a Foreign Jamaican. I will strongly recommend ‎that ebook to anybody wanting to learn Jamaican patois and more about Jamaican. Like I said, it's only $2! It's up to you. Do you want to keep on wasting time on the internet or do you want to speak patwah in no time‎?Buy your own copy now, here:‎ ‎https://marcobao.selz.com/item/learn-jamaican-full-book
Kallus Garnet
change the battery in your fire alarms. other than that great video.
keep up the good work beautiful.
leave me Alone
I love the way you project your style of instruction ! I was so attentative, I watched you pronounce every word. Thank you! Yes, me wanT mo!
Shay Grey
mi tink mi A likt yuh
Black 110s
I used to talk like this

Na me talk like dis
Andrei Lucaci
Ice Mc brought me here
I'm in love with you.....YAH KN SEH MI LUV YAH
Alan Azevedo
how do you say "i'm a kkk member"? lol
Wa gwaan Isha mi tink mi like you? Mi want ya. We can go out? Is that right? (Legitimate questions btw, not just using your examples)
You're hot AF! Your teeth are flawless!
You broke that shit down hellla easy for me. Then resaid it. Good shit, Homegirl. It IS another language. Dope video
Krystian 78
Hey You sound really nice and you beautiful
Bondo McJefferson
I think people in the UK find it easier to undastand. A lot been incorporated in to our language
Ishieka Morris
Nice video, but why are you giving away all the secrets?
Lizzy- Chan
I think I don’t remmber
Lizzy- Chan
I already know wahgwan but thanks for teaching me words pic meh means kid
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