Jamaican Accent - Learn fi "Talk 7 months ago   06:58

I'sha Prendy
A quick lesson on how to talk like a Jamaican
Feel free ask questions about the Jamaican dialect or facts about my island home.
"Island Girl overseas" - I'sha Prendy

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Aisha Prendy
Hello Guys . Thank you very much for watching . I will be doing another video soon. Have questions or need translations ? Send me a video message to my Facebook page @ishaprendy . You will possibly be featured in my next video 😁uno nice eh! Tanks fi watch me video dem yow ! Big up uno self.
Rusty John Bartolay
wah gwaaaan Jamaica!
Mi know fi talk like jamaican
I know how to talk jamaican😊😊
Roddy Dykes
Who else was checking their fire alarm watching this?
Shani Ayubu
So how to reply then by saying I AM FINE in Jamaica....?
anime kings
I dont know why but because I am trinidadian I understand a little better than others
Juan Lopize
It’s sounds like Spanish
Tobi Gyrados
Bruh it's like broken English in West Africa like Nigeria etc
Love yah body treat yah body right
Dem call me bushmaster
jorgeluis martinez
A litle bit similar british english!
pumpkin John
U talk 😂 funny like the accent nah go wit u
Osa Egh
wah gwan doesn't mean "how are you". it literally means, "what's going on "
Emily's Journey
Mizako Matsuishi
Came here because of Nicki 👸👸
Sherrynorth Bamcy
Oh my I just learnt a few basics
Kingston Hawke
FYI... "wawgwan" is just a person saying "what's going on" all smushed up together.
Leonie Shepherd
So funny big up yuhself hun
I am here just because of sean paul
Hold on now queen,,,not many black folks say whERE ,well I guess where u from,,,bc here we say ,,way instead of where which is da same as weh ,,,(weh da money at),,,(way da money) where is everyone,weh everybody,, Jamaican ebontic n patwah
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