Film Theory: Joey Graceffa Has KFC Conquered Asia? 3 months ago   20:20

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Escape The Night is the longest running YouTube Original series out now. This star studded cast includes many of your favorite YouTubers like Shane Dawson, Liza Koshy, Safiya Nygaard, and me - MatPat! However, being a cast member does not stop me from theorizing about the mystery at the heart of the show - what is going on with our leading man, Joey Graceffa? Looking over the seasons and the new Escape The Night All Stars trailer, I've realized something VERY IMPORTANT. Joey is not on the same side as his YouTube friends. In fact, he is their biggest threat!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Josh Langman, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Joey Graceffa
Omg I’ve been exposed! Don’t believe anything Matt tells you HE clearly has been corrupted by the evil!
Katie Smith
Matt: “I’ll let Joey speak for himself”

*christmas ad comes on*

Me: why YouTube?
Dust! Frisk
23 he hiked Right? Would it be minus since you came back?
How Death
In the recurring metaphor that is a game of chess
The cursed god is the king
The victims are the pawns
Plot convenience plays the part of complex pieces
Joey himself obviously plays the part of the game queen
Samantha Gonzalez
i think matt is lying just for veiws
• Cylo • *
Matt's the only person who gets sponsored by someone and think that the creator is evil
Kuudere Chan
I bet they put all those easter eggs there intentionally for you because they knew you'd figure it out
Lemondrop Libby
Detective!Pat is something I never knew I needed
Xxmelissabenoistfan xX
Joey sees this and is like WTF MATT I SAVED YOU
Ruining_Your_Childhood_ Since_2009_
look at the total video time
gia soriano
yeah I know the story but joey is the host he doent need to die bt to add spiese joey died ones
Tiana Cabrera-Sweener
You work with Liza kosher!?!😃😃😞so jealous!
panda person
Ha i knew it
Quantum Production Studios
You missed some key points.

1. Lele suggested for Matt Haag to die, she didn’t say for the death to be randomized.

2. Several other people assisted in helping Colleen Ballinger’s death. (Nikita Dragun, Safiya Nygaard)

3. Many people killed people whom they suspected, for example-Timmothy got angry on Justine’s death, and helped kill her-which Joey and no part in.

4. It’s sorta unfair to acclaim Joey’s behaviour is irrational-when several characters behaved similarly.

5. Joey wasn’t the only one who hated DeStorm, the whole cast up to episode four (excluding Gabbie Hana, and possibly Andrea Russet.)

6. You rigged several episodes out of content. (See reasoning above.)

7. Joey felt real sorrow of Lizas death, rewatch her death-you see him attempt to grab her from the harpy (though you have a point.)

8. Andrea was the one who killed Tana, sure Joey didn’t do anything to stop it-but it was Andrea suggested her death, and broke the ice plate.

9. He was angry because he was sad and angered he killed a friend-and didn’t get something that would help us escape, making her death in vain.

And I conclude this paragraph with this statement: Several things were taken out of context.
Honestly impressed he made this series sounds like it’s any good
Xayne C
Wow... just wow
Siarah Prescot
When Safiya died it was like a punch in the gut.
narek harutyunyan
“Lee Lee”
Erick Pokemon
He was right he solve you Joey
Flavio Lopes
Àaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm ok
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Has KFC Conquered Asia? Film Theory: Joey Graceffa 3 months ago   22:41

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