VLOG: Miami, LA + San Diego a couple days in san Diego 2 days ago   06:03

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"Hype" by Chloe Tang (https://www.instagram.com/chloetangmusic/?hl=en)
Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-34382413/hype-1
*other songs from Premiumbeat.com

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J.R. Productions
New York is an overrated rat lab. Move out of there as soon as you can.
what is the red lip youre wearing in Miami?
Haha Katy, winter in nyc this year was by no means brutal 😂 this was probably the mildest winter we’ve ever had
Amira Rega
Loved this vlog, so chill and not a shaky camera vlog! Another well edited video girl xo
Sincerely, Victoria
When you do travel vlogs like this one where do you usually get your music from?
faith redmond
Your life looks unreal 🤤
tiffany fang
love the little intros u do!!
Annie Jepson
Such a great vlog you are super creative and your videos just keep on getting better.

I have watched for years now and have started making my one videos on YouTube now 😊
Anna Elizabeth
Love the vibe of this video! Especially the intro 💙
Ally M
I absolutely adore your editing style. So unique.
Emma Purtell
Where is your red lipstick from ? I love it!
Celine Becher
Where is your KATY necklace from?
where is that skating place katy?
You should do longer vlogs! We could always use more katy 💕
ChrisJ Fox
Beautiful edit
Kristy Dee
Wait, is that Zooey Deschanel in the clip from “Giphy” in LA?
Katja Schneider
SUCH a beautiful vlog. you even make scenes like rain in a taxi cab look beautiful. well done katy!!
abby k
So much food yumm 😍💜
Alencia Camargo
Looking so beautiful! Your skin is glowing and u r living an amazing life. Such an inspiration ❤️
love your videos katy! your vlogs are so simple and calming! ❤️
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a couple days in san Diego VLOG: Miami, LA + San Diego 2 days ago   11:46

the first California vlog :-)))) I miss cali

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