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Film Theory: Ant Man's Giant | 'ant-Man And The Wasp' Cast Answer - At Up-Tube.com

Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' Cast Answer 7 months ago   13:53

The Film Theorists
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We all know that the COOLEST moment in the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer is when we see Ant-Man grow into a GIANT man. Now, I've explored Ant-Man's powers before, but never what it means to grow up to 65 feet tall! What does that do to your body? Well, Loyal Theorist, you are about to find out!

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Evve Locce
But like... he’s not gonna gain any weight though... In the first ant man movie they explained that they’re not actually making Scott smaller they’re just taking away the space between the atoms, electrons neutrons and protons. And then when he goes back to his normal size he’s just regaining that empty space. So when he goes big he’s just gonna keep adding empty space in between the atoms of his body meaning he won’t gain any weight at all all he’ll just be way less dense. He shouldn’t have a harder time standing up he should basically just be floating around like a balloon or at least feel lighter and all that. His movements would probably be slower than normal because less dense objects don’t cut through air as fast and easy. But he wouldn’t be unable to stand because his bones and muscles would break, it would be the opposite.
Soup For Sale
4:26 kingdom ants
Rhiannon Hurst
Matpat says valume
Ay. an
Strength is the sum all forces applied by all muscle cells, which is proportional to number of cells which proportional to volume.
Not area.
Hippo Gaming
You are A genuine
Cυτιε ΡιΣ
The most powerful , ultimate , irresistible weapon in the universe.....

Diet Coke!
A random dude who likes btd6
5:21 some people could think that you’re talking about a 4d cube
Challis Hanlon
Hi matpat I was watching a movie of Scooby-Doo and please don't make fun of me for watching it but I saw this part and Scooby-Doo movie of camp Scare and I saw a part in the movie where the Mystery Machine is on a rowboat and it's holding it up can really hold up a van or car with a lot of people in it including a dog.

And please don't make fun of me I am special needs and autistic and people think that special needs in autistic people are really dumb and stupid I really hope that you will take on my theory and maybe take on the other Scooby Doo movies I'm sorry if it really sounds stupid thank you🐲🐉🌀
Just re watching this theory for the third time and i realized that in his last theory he said the Pym particles only increased or decreased the space between atoms and not the number of atoms therefore not changing the mass of an object or the weight but only changing the density meaning that when he becomes really big he wouldn't get really slow and would still be able to move at the same speed but he would just be able to jump higher due to his different density size ratio. Also mat pat i love your channel and i just want to help!
Colleen Montgomery Alex
When I sew the seen in civil war to me it was just ant man wanting to be Godzilla
Wait you say it at at not ay tea ay tea
hola soy george
I like more game theory intro
TBH MatPat teaches me more about this kind of stuff than both my Math teacher and Science teacher. THATS SAYING SOMETHING!!!
Sonni D
How about *Ratman and Time Van?*
Lizzy gf
That wasn't a mouse matpat

That was a gerbil

A really
Really cute gerbil
why would i go to college if i just got a calc class i actually understood for free
200 Subs with no video yes I’m begging for subs
Iv watched all of ur vids what’s my theorist score
agustin ordoñez
If he is using pym patricles he wouldn't be earining mass
Big B
I think what Ant man could do is do what Master Chief did. Connect armor to his brain that has incredible strength.
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'Ant-Man and the Wasp' Cast Answer Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT 7 months ago   08:12

"Ant-Man and the Wasp" stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Hannah John-Kamen answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves and Ant-Man.

"Ant-Man and the Wasp" hits theaters July 6th.

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