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Glee- Mr. Schue Gives Quinn | Glee - Burt, Carole And Kurt - At Up-Tube.com

GLEE- Mr. Schue gives Quinn Glee - Burt, Carole and Kurt 1 year ago   01:55

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From Season 3 Episode 2 "I Am Unicorn", aired September 27th, 2011.

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Nick Mesogianes
Does anyone else feel like Sue did this on purpose, like she knew Quinn was being an absolute baby and having Will give her the wake up call message would get her back on track?
Quinn was a horrible character. Didn't like her at all lol
Cerisia 76
I'm probably the only one but I really hate Will in this scene. He say things that are true but he miss important things. How can he know that she never said Thanks To Mercedes (and we can see in this season that the only student that are important to him are Rachel and Finn) He's not always there! And he, what did he To help her when she was pregnant? Nothing, He was only centred on Rachel and Finn. And a teacher can't be so angry with a student. He could have told Her this among of hate (cause this is hate. He never liked Quinn for what she was and he tell things that he can't proove just To be right. Plus if for example Finn (his favourite) did that, he wouldn't have said that) without being so agressive. If I were Quinn I would have gone To see the director cause this is not a teacher attitud.
Glow Gacha
Sue made her join the glee club, to spy on them
Júlia Maria
Sweet Listenings
"That was really sexy!"

acho q o video ficaria melhor se fosse feito dentro da banheira de nutella do luccas neto!
Satu Lehto
You can't tell a teenager to grow up. They are still children underneath the whole "I'm so mature and grown up" act. I'm 24 and i still feel like I'm growing up and trying to figure out the whole adult thing.
Mercy Colon
Aiden Fruge
Didn’t Quinn support the glee club that would seem as a thank you season 1 she blackmailed sue for them so they could get their yearbook picture.season 2 she got back as the head cheerleader on the Cheerios then she quit for the glee club.Also in season 1 she stayed with Mercedes after she passed out.Season 3 Quinn and Santana rigged the prom votes for Rachel when Quinn could’ve won.Did she get a thank you no then she was depressed.
Mini Cheeseburger 55555
Becky: Whoaaaaaaaa
Lian Dodds
Haha. The end!!!! I'm dead!!
It’s just me, Leena
This was one of the only times Will acted like an adult
Abbie Xx
She did actually say thank you a lot actually...
Kalyn Jones
This video is perfectly titled and it’s one of the only times Mr.Shue gets truly angry
Xavier Keyes
Looking back, i can't believe I didn't see that sue was actually trying to help. She knew that Quinn didn't wanna her shit she had to say but Mr Schuster could get through to her. So she manipulated a situation that gave her this wake up call because that's the only way she knew how to help.
Christmas Carol
Thank Fuck someone finally put that bitch in her place. All she ever did was blame everyone else for her problems instead of owning up to them. Noone forced her to do the things she did.
Trinity Marron
Beck: That was really sexy
*is no one gonna talk about that?!*
Anxo Fernandez
Any teacher will understand him. Students like to give us crap and say we pick on them or we are too demanding or we put too much pressure on them or we don't believe in them, we don't care...anything to justify themselves. We try to be reasonable but it's hard not to snap sometimes.
christian ostagne
Current mood: becky being turned on by will schuester
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Glee - Burt, Carole and Kurt GLEE- Mr. Schue gives Quinn 1 year ago   03:54

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