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From Season 3 Episode 2 "I Am Unicorn", aired September 27th, 2011.

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Telmen B
I always hated Quinn , she really deserved this
The singer Vlogs
Ok so! Quinn has been through tremendous trauma like do I blame her for being selfish?
Catherine Campbell
In the thumbnail, Quinn looked like a punk rock Barbie. I don't know why. That is just what I thought of when I saw her.
Martinapayplays :P
I love how Becky just casually adds “that was hot.” 😂
Pamela Thornton
Sue did that on purpose and if that doesn't add another layer to this incredibly crazy character I don't know what does!
dances songs
How is Quinn gonna blame Mr
Shue for her life changing bc of glee club when sue was the one who made her join it as I recall back from season 1
Ryli K Mundy
"Whoaaaa!" I say that when there is a fight in the hall way or "sToP tHe ViOlEnCe"
1:50 Arent we all becky
BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah
I never liked Quinn Quinn fabray
It's Romi
To this day I can't understand the people that loved Quinn. She is the worst kind of girl out there. Liar, manipulative, selfish, unkind, ego-maniac, attention seeker, power hungry, inconsiderant , self-observed, delirious and an absolute bitch - and I don't mean the good kind. She's just... EW!
Joca Lariatto
How not to love Becky 🤣🤣
Kaila Cook
Will looks so weird at 1:52 😂
Jhon Snow

"That was really sexy"

Blind Princess
Quinn is without a doubt the most selfish person on this show, are all of the selfish in there own right goodness yes but Quinn was the only one perfectly willing to let her quote unqwote boy-friends life be recked just so she could have her own little fantecy regarding who fathered her child.
Alex Singer
“Captain of the Cheeos”
Hopeful Evergloom
What a bitch
Schuster schnapped
Rachel Calos
Will out here speaking straight facts
Helen Howells
Will Schuster was a nonce sue sylvester was always right
This was the dumbest storyline
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